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  1. No, just no. It's not bloody real! It's just a game and no one should have special protection. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  2. Just leave it alone. This is such a none issue. Also, how do you know that there was even anyone trans involved in this joke, about fictional people, in a fictional world.
  3. Memorization was never a good term for it, the "lore" behind that system was that the mage had to 'load' the magic into his head and the more powerful he was the more he could load. He didn't 'forget' the spell.
  4. I'd like a combination of magic systems, different systems for different schools/types of magic. I put some of my thoughts here, what do you think?
  5. I was thinking about magic use in RPGs and would really love it if this game did not use the massively over used mana system. I think it'd also be pretty cool if magic wasn't mostly reactive and combat based. Some random ideas and things I'd like to see... Spells you had to plan ahead to use Maybe you need reagents the use of symbols/runes/glyphs on your gear/weapons or the ground an altar of some kind sacfice something to gain something all of the above If I'm playing a mage I'd like also to see and use magic in every aspect of the game, to see/feel/hear things others don't, to b
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