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  1. I would also like to know about this - it would be nice to have the option to choose more addons after having confirmed our pledge.
  2. the best thing about kotor2 romances is Mira's not having the slighest interest in you. And calling you old...
  3. About roleplaying... Are we sure that we roleplay a character in a cRPG as we roleplay in a p&p RPG ? To me roleplaying a character needs interaction with real, lively people, who can react to your actions specifically and spontaneously. It's just not possible in a computer game. Roleplay aspects of a cRPG have nothing to do with interpretation. It just doesn't exist. By the way, i've never roleplayed a romance -gay or otherwise - in a tabletop rpg, whicih, i my opinion, would be kinda creepy... So why would we need it in a cRPG. Just give us good exploration, skills mecanics & f
  4. It's a fantasy world, why shoud it be realistic, or even socially realistic ? Give me something other to explore, for once. Isn't the whole point of fantasy to show alterity ? Why does (cheap) fantasy always need to draw inspiration from trivial social matters ? See Jeff Vandermeer (City of Saints and Madmen, Finch), see China MiƩville (New weird stuff) and others. Original, innovative fantasy has been done recently...
  5. I like this exhaustion idea, much more interesting than resting/mana/dreadful cooldowns. It's the system used in the best magic p&p rpg : Ars Magica. Developpers really need to look more to this game for inspiration regarding magic systems, rather than the 'silly' D&D system...
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