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  1. I hope Obsidian really focuses on gameplay than worrying about making the game a singleplayer Second Life.
  2. There are no realistic armor designs for women, because never was made any of the kind, soldiers have been pretty much 99% male in all of earth. And this is a fantasy game, why bring realism into this? btw I`m not women bashing, turns out I like women, a lot, but this is just the reality of things, women are more comfortable in bikini than FULL PLATE ARMOR I think we really need to see just how high or low fantasy the setting will be. If it's a high fantasy setting, expect scantily clad women and men with oversized muscles. Low fantasy we could expect something like Mount & Bla
  3. How about a mature setting without ****ing RAPE? I agree, in a game that's not something most players would want to be presented with, I would think. Games are an escape medium, so I don't really want all the gritty realism and terrible things going on in the real world in a game I'm playing.
  4. It would be great to do something like Rift's Riftstalker soul for the rogue. I've always loved playing rogue types but the typical stealth, backstab, run away is getting old. But the Riftstalker takes rogue to a whole new level, especially when it can use a stealth ability. RS can open with a heavy hitting backstab then it's a nonstop relentless assault combined with shifting/teleporting abilities to keep you on your target. I've never had more fun with an RPG class than as a riftstalker/assassin.
  5. Yeah this is just like the Bioware forums with Biowarians demanding romances that last throughout the game. It's god awful because they never shut up and will keep this thread going for 300 pages and just keep on saying they want romances and what they should be etc just like on the Bioware forums. It's terrible. Exactly. All I want is a classic RPG with excellent tactical gameplay and a world with rich history and plenty of exploration. Everyone can agree on that, right? You will NEVER please everyone by including romances these days. Someone, some fetish, some deviant, some whatever wil
  6. I find it pretty sad that the top viewed threads are about romances and gay/lesbian options. I'm pretty sure Obsidian won't take the Bioware route of Twilight-esque romance and lame soft-core sex scenes, but these "hot" topics are worrisome. Focus on the gameplay, the world, and its story and history, not about making a dating sim for every sexual deviant out there.
  7. In my first playthrough of BGII I didn't even realize there were romance plots. As long as romances are not forced on you and don't play a major part of the game and don't have poorly written/animated sex scenes, I'm fine with it. I want the devs to focus on gameplay and storytelling, not pandering to fanboys/girls and worrying about being all-inclusive. If you want virtual lover, Bioware has plenty for you, and there's a plethora of Skyrim mods for that too.
  8. I'm going with #2. The taboos are fine, to an extent, just as long as you aren't having them thrown in your face every moment. I'm thinking something in the vein of GRRM's writing, where the gruesome horrors are very real, but you're never actually presented with them firsthand. (ie Vargo Hoat's torture, Lollys' rape, etc) I would have probably stopped reading if those scenes were narrated explicitly. I often steer clear of presenting those subjects directly in my tabletop games, mainly because it doesn't really add to the experience other than make everyone feel bad, and games are supposed to
  9. I would like to see BGII Tactics/Ascension level difficulty. After playing through the game a couple times I quickly learned all the cheese I possibly could and those mods took that away from me and made the game alot more enjoyable as my next playthroughs were challenging and rewarding. Make the difficulty slider that doesn't just beef up enemy HP and double their damage. If we increase the difficulty, make the enemies smarter, use better tactics and have a wider array of abilities.
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