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  1. Mana or Vancian system (spells memorised while sleeping), but some spells could be cast without preparing/effort (like Magic Missile) when the character reaches necessary power level. I don't want to see spell cooldowns or fighter-mages. I want wizards squishy but growing in power as the game progresses
  2. I would not mind seeing romances in the game but I don't want them to be XP/rewards mines (NWN 2: MotB comes to my mind). I would definitely like to see rich banter system, also with party dialogues initiated by player's discretion.
  3. ESRB. Don't really mind some dark, yet implicit stuff happening in the background, but I don't want The Game to be about it and I don't think that it should play any major role.
  4. I don't really care either way. More subtle level scalling like the one in Fallout 3 is acceptable for me, but Oblivion's is not.
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