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  1. Posting Blender images is a great opportunity to make a little suggestion. As i mentioned before, PE art from this topic looks very photorealistic as far. To me - even too photorealistic. Satananas' images from the other hand, look too vivd and intense. These also have too sharp edges. So my suggestion is to make environments sth between totally realistic and definitely unrealistic. It may be shown in colors (little more vibrant than they are now), shapes, plants (various types of plants, that don't exist in real world), etc but also in art style. I enjoy concept arts very much. I don't expec
  2. Areas look a bit too photorealistic to me. Like google map. I like the concept art much more. I hope that final version will be more vivid
  3. We have quite different view. As i said, i see other way to take prisoners (without owning a prison) - you don't. That's ok. I see other ways to upgrade combat skills (other than building a training ground), for example paying for ability to train somewhere - you will probably say that is should be reserved for stronghold. I think my companions (whatever they do in their free time) may get expierience (well maybe they sit and drink beer whole day..) - you think that they may get it only in stronghold. I respect your opinion and i am not trying to convince you to mine. I mentioned army as an id
  4. Um, no. You did not. The only actual example you gave was taking prisoners. And if that's the only one, then you got nothing. The stronghold SHOULD contain some exclusive content, And taking prisoners naturally becomes one of those since it will contain a prison belonging to the player character. If you can come up with another believable way for the player to get ownership of a prison, then I'm all ears. I mentioned prisioners and slaves as an example Stun. I can also add ability to gather an army that will respond my calling, other way for idle companions to get an extra expierience when
  5. I gave you example what kind of things i think about and these are mine concern. You ignored it and wrote things i didn't even mention (like merchnts, money, ingredients). There is nothing "you backers" have to endure. I have my concerns and i wrote them in this topic. You quoted me - so i responded. If you find it a baseless argument - just leave it.
  6. That makes no sense. So you want the stronghold to feature nothing exclusive? Why even put it in the game, then? I think you missed the point. Why it has to be everything or nothing? I said SOME things. That means I would like SOME solutions provided by stronghold be available without it also. Like taking prisoners or slaves or similar things. There are many things exclusive featured by stronghold (also many in suggestions), so even if FEW will be available for players who don't run strongholds world won't collapse . Also not enjoying strongholds isn't being against the idea. No one her
  7. Well, to me this is the reason: stronghold is optional - perfectly ok, but it would be good if running stronghold wouldn't be the only way to (for example) take prossioners / slaves. No one is against the idea of stronghold, it just shouldn't be the only way do do some things. Of course if you don't run stronghold there is no talking about taxes or libraries or such but there are things possible to do even when you don't run stronghold, and i wouldn't want them to be assigned and available for people who have stronghold only.
  8. I'd rather be notified by a raven or something like this if anything happens in stronghold. But it would be the best to have someone there to say "Take care of this place when I am away" as an option. Also i am a bit against stronghold to consume a lot of play-time, like I spend time on stronghold managment or game will be half shorter . I'd love to have a possibility to travel from place to place without checking if random dragon didn't burn my roof or if my crocodiles didn't eat villagers..
  9. This update sounds interesting however i'd love stronghold to be optional. Somehow i don't feel like an owner of the stronghold and this building/ mamaging/ repairing stuff isn't something i'd like to do. Also I hope I won't have to come back to the stronghold during missions, cause people came to talk about sth or stronghold has been attacked. Or if i won't come back then something bad will happen. I'd like to have an option to travel freely and avoid managing stronghold, supplies, taxes and the voice of the crowd. Maybe i could hire someone i trust to do it for me? However missions sound tem
  10. Interesting update. I am very excited about the creatures and curious about armor sets - I'd love to see them And (I really have to say it) the cat on the video is awesome
  11. Great update. To me companions provide the best feeling of immersion in the game. It is good to know, that they will be so varied and somehow independent. I enjoy complex characters, with own agendas and point of view. I would enjoy romantic plot also as a natural part of many fantasy stories. I just would like it to be challenging, intelligent, difficult and meaningful, definitely not latest bioware style..
  12. I love this dungeon concept! I missed all these details, walls, floors, magic machines, textures.. No current game has such atmosphere
  13. I like wooden textures, i just would want less decorations. Maybe one or two distinctive decorative elements. Sometimes too much space is taken by various decorations and UI grows too big
  14. I like Sensuki's version more than original one. Still, it should be more.. subtle in my opinion. Too much frames on everything. I'd place potraits on right side. I am also not a fan of mana/health levels presented this way.
  15. Thanks for the update, very interesting as always. Now the UI. I really enjoyed this kind of UI in IWD but for this game it feels to heavy. I mean all graphics are so dynamic and fresh (but still having this old-style feeling) and this UI doesn't match here in my opinion. I like the general style of it but i think it needs more air, more space and bigger portraits. Anyway i know that final version will be perfect
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