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  1. Thanks alot obsidian, really hyped about this game. If it's even half as good as BG2, it will be the best game in many years
  2. Well "The member lord Crash can't recieve any new messages" And my OOoE forum account is inactive, haven't recived any email yet. So I post here instead. Hi I would like a Sigil with "MiCkO - Wild Mage of the Obsidian Order" And a picture someting like this: http://dnd-wiki.org/w/images/thumb/7/78/Mage_by_Sinto_risky.jpg/350px-Mage_by_Sinto_risky.jpg Any crazy mage picture would do Thank you /MiCkO
  3. Yeah, sure, but not that boring 5 levels of arena where you plough through the first 3-4 without any problem. And the last is fairly hard and then you are done. There need to be more too it if they add it. And no PVP multiplayer arena, I don't want that in PE. If you wanna PVP, go play something else. I really liked what previous poster wrote ^^
  4. The main classes seems good, 11 is alot. I'm allready having a hard time picking my protagonist class for my first playthrough. Some subclasses to add diversity, but I'm allready satisfied. I want to know about lore/story now
  5. ROFL @ the toilet comment. Yeah, that **** was ****ing wicked. They really should do something like stats/races/classes or something like you said. Perhaps info about some legendary items (not where to find them though). Or perhaps that's a bit spoiling.
  6. I felt exactly the same way, having doubts between the 140+20 tier or the digital 165 tier. I really couldn't make up my mind, so I went for the $250 tier and got both. A bit steep yes, but atleast I feel that my money goes towards something great, being this nostalgic and all. God, I regret that I spent all those money on that Collectors Edition of Diablo 3, such waste...
  7. This sounds so ****ing awesome. If the game becomes half as good as Baldurs Gate, then is gonna get really really good!
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