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  1. Personally I'm hoping for it to be renaissance, not medieval. As a setting, the renaissance always felt more dynamic to me. It was smarter, wealthier, and relatively speaking, a cultural explosion. I prefer being immersed in societies that are vibrant and pushing onwards, not stuck in the mud.* *Note: This is about perception and not strictly speaking 'reality' - of course the medieval period had intelligent people and strong, interesting regional cultures - but the renaissance is so named for a reason.
  2. I'm not fond of critical hits or misses, personally. This is more because I prefer my tactics to be more chesslike than realistic, and prefer unexpected surprises to come from being outwitted rather than unlucky. I understand why many prefer a more chaotic element to their fights, but it's simply not for me.
  3. Why do women require different armour than men? You realise that our bodies aren't that different, right? A woman can fit into plate armour just as easily as men can.
  4. In all honesty, whilst I adore the narrative of planescape torment and the idea of more games like that encouraged me immensely, a big part of the reason I backed was to see what Obsidian would make unburdened of the demands of others. No pre-defined ruleset to force into a game where it doesn't really fit, no mandatory ideas - everything made to work together optimally. Sounds wonderful.
  5. Early Renaissance fantasy is my absolute favourite genre. I backed the project on the anticipation that it'd be quite a standard dark ages + magic setting, but consider me even more excited to be wrong
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