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  1. Well judging from your avatar I would suggest coach. Anyone else think that this guy has earned a honorary membership to the Obsidian Order?(Assuming that he isn't already a member.)
  2. I wouldn't worry about that until we start using crazy made up words and we have a prison-camp.
  3. As far as I know it's purely based on the honor system. Lucky for me all ninjas are know for being honorable. Edit: Looks at all the points I missed. Guess ninjas will be know for not updating threads they read enough from now on =(
  4. Hey guys cheek this out, it's as shout-out from the people to Obsidian to us https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/249215128669671424 Soo cool!
  5. Greetings fellows members of the Obsidian Order of Eternity. I am Otto T M Ninja of the Obsidian Order on the KS comment page.
  6. This update got me really exited. The soul stuff sounds like it has a lot different stories you could tell with it. I think that the daily update are a great way to keep people pumped and informed.
  7. First off Karranthain I fell that you avatar is *known* to me, wonder why A deep and meaning full "system-of-weapon-mechanics" would be great.
  8. A symmetric combat system sounds like a great and fun idea to me. But if they are going to include friendly-fire in the game then should be legitimate in-univer ways to work around and/or reduce it. So both single-target and AoE spells, armor that decreases let say fire damaged but doesn't have as much AC and so-on.
  9. I'm sure that they will make a great game. IHO this is just fun to talk about and if it give the Obsidian People something to think about then great, right?
  10. I'm with you bother/sister/other down with humans! Humanity having dying off along time ago would be something really uiqne for PE. If the dev won't use it then I'll just steal it for some homebrew I'll never finish!
  11. We'll have another update later today. It would be great if they could devote a line or two of the kickstarter-update where they explain that have to release information and what-not in orderly fashion and/or add a prominent link to this forum.
  12. In my humble opinion a silly sounding concept like "cannibalistic elf's" can become something really awesome if you give it to a smart and creativity person. That said I would personalty prefer if they started anew with fresh new races, while they are at it they could think abut ditching the humans as well.
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