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  1. For your information: E.g. the bay area in the north is called "Boot of Ondra" like you can all see in the kickstarter video at about minute 1:00 when the camera flies over the map of PE.
  2. Keep sounds as they were in BG 2 (music and fx) or even try to improve them. Sound is very important for the atmosphere of a game and not to forget everyone can enjoy it in nearly the same manner compared to graphics.
  3. Witcher 2 is one of the best looking RPGs ever, no question. But it's not isometric and that's quite the point here.
  4. Good old combat and action micromanagement like in BG 2, that's how it should be. I mean it should be possible for people who want to dig into that like I would.
  5. Sign. Please don't make another comic-style game. I want a mature, dark and greedy world. Handcrafted and fine-grained backgrounds with dark age flair like Inquisitor, Diablo or BG are perfect for a game like this because they build a certain sense of atmosphere. And they don't look so artificial like recent 3D games (Dragon Age, Diablo 3, WoW, Amalur, even Skyrim)...
  6. I'd like to see a source for his statement. Otherwise it looks like he's just completely misinterpreting what Obsidian's been saying, as I've seen nothing to indicate Obsidian said a DRM-free option was tied to funding goals. The source for this statement is the kickstarter page itself. The strech goal list is a little bit misleading because there is only a very small passage between the "Coming soon!" for the 2.4M and the statements about DRM, PayPal and co. I think that Eurogamer merged these two things together although they are two very different things.... Perhaps it would be good to clarify this misunderstanding by changing the text a little bit or simply to confirm a DRM-free release now.
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