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  1. Me? And the rest of the nuts that think that BG2 is the holy grail of rpgs. To each their own i suppose, but I think there are many that don't share your opinion.
  2. The whole thing was pretty bare bones, it lacked the filling that would make it worth while. I'm sure that if they dedicate enough resources it would be quite fun to play with the economy and the few appropriate quests that could be mixed in. But then again I don't know if this is relevant enough to pay mind to with the limited budget the devs have. Probably something for the modders to expand on, especially so if the relevant ground work has already been laid.
  3. Oh yes, God yes! It's always the little things like this that add up and make the experience a lot more satisfying.
  4. Don't honestly know. Probably depends on how much they want to meddle. More of a modern budget wouldn't be a bad thing, but they'd most likely expect changes. The thing is, we'll have no idea of what those changes will be if obsidian decides to go down that route. If the devs are honestly contemplating this then, in my personal opinion, they should question the community before that. Whether or not we want to hang ourselves with the robe they're offering us is our business too. Nobody will have the right to complain if we're stupid enough to do it.
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