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  1. There are a lot of assumptions in Dlux's post which which is fine when its your money you're spending, if I had a bad feeling I'd quit. I would guess action RPGs would be more Dlux's style if you want xp for grinding trash mobs. I'd rather progression based xp so you get the same or similar xp for solving a problem without combat (while still having the option to just kick their ass and get the xp that way). It could very well be more time consuming to avoid mobs than take them on... so why assume everyone will take the option to avoid? You could also need a certain stat / skill / item to bypa
  2. I think they need to weave companions in to the life of the main character in interesting and varied ways. I don’t like the Mass Effect implementation where you can pretty much chat up everyone on your crew. There could maybe be a couple of potential romance options that fit with the story, but I see them as no more valid than say getting a best friend relationship or making you feel protective over a young or vulnerable npc. Romance doesn’t have to mean dating sim after all. I suppose if you see yourself in the place of a character in a great fantasy adventure its quite rare (not unhe
  3. Once those Digital Only Tiers come along I may very well pledge more ... love the games you guys make!
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