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  1. Hello, How are the romance options in the game? Any brothels? If so, are there any erotic drawings of prostitutes? I remember in POE1 there was a brothel, but no sex scenes, just a black screen. Is it true that every single word is voice acted in this game? Thanks!
  2. Just tried melee rogue, see if it sucked any less, nope, still sucks real bad. I mean really bad. Tried it on POTD Trial of Iron, died to three xaurip's. I was level 2. Missed the backstab from stealth, missed the blinding strike, then proceeded to do 4-5 dmg until I died. Rogue is horrible. I already know that ranged rogue is viable, but not melee rogue.
  3. As soon as a conversation starts or the NPC just speaks random voiced dialogue, the very beginning of the voiced sentenced gets cut out, any fix for this? I have latest patches installed.
  4. The new Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition includes voice acting for every line of dialogue in their game. This is a major update they're pushing out in about a week. The game went from barely any voice acting to all of it being voice acted, pretty impressive. Any chance Pillars of Eternity could do that? The massive amounts of reading in this game kills me. I'd pay for it.
  5. The last time I played POE, I died on path of the damned difficulty. I had no idea my ranger wasn't firing her arquebus even though I queued her attacks. Had I known my ranger got interrupted, I would've won the fight by a hair. It turns out the Druid Ogres I were fighting were able to cancel all queued attacks whenever they attack with their spells. It would be great if you could add a feature that auto pauses combat when a companions queued attacks get canceled/interrupted for any reason. Thanks!
  6. Hi, i was going to try this game again. Did they ever fix this issue or does it still fade to black in anti climactic fashion? How about a paragraph that pops up with some writing? How about ANYTHING except a fade to black? How about a picture of a bed or a pillow, ANYTHING.
  7. No, going to try again when the expansion and patch comes out. Attempting to beat the game blind in trial of iron is where the fun is for me Sadly this game does not hold the same emotional drive I get from games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Witcher. There is just too much combat and without a tactics system, a lot of the fights are repetitive.
  8. What can cause queued attacks to get canceled? Anyone know by any chance?
  9. Well, the good news is now I can wait for the new patch. I might as well wait for the expansion too before trying again. I'll probably try again a year from now or less. Great advice btw, thx.
  10. I died on Path of the Damned Trial of Iron Please advise on my approach (VIDEO) - Death http://www.twitch.tv/luzarius/v/9134529 Problems - No entry for Ogres in the Bestiary, didn't know their weaknesses. - I let my guard down, too much combat in the game makes it a bit boring. - I should've eaten proper food. - I should've waited until level 9, someone recently told me about a spell called clear that priests get. - For some reason my ranger didn't do the attacks that I had queued up. I'm looking for the masters of the game to critique and point out all my mistakes. It was a fun fight that caught me off guard. I let my guard down for a second due to boredom and it cost me. Learn from my mistakes.
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