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  1. Funny you should say that because I'm pretty sure the same end result occurs no matter what level of difficulty I play a game at, and the time I save playing on a lower difficulty allows me to put hard-work and mental effort into activities much more fruitful than my own entertainment.
  2. Statements like this are just full of a bravado I don't get. Seriously, who is impressed by these types of statements meant to belittle people who enjoy playing at a lower difficulty? If people choose to play a game instead of reading a book or watching a movie, I'm certain they have a reason for doing so. Who is anyone here to judge the validity of other people's game playing experiences?
  3. I have played and enjoyed CRPGs for almost 20 years now, and nine times out of ten I play on easy or normal difficulty. I'm certainly capable of playing on higher difficulties if I choose to, but from a personal standpoint, I find higher difficulties to be more tedious than fun, so why wouldn't I play on the mode I find most enjoyable? More than that, why should anyone here (or anywhere else) care if I enjoy an easier challenge compared to a more difficult one? Also, enough with the Jennifer Hepler BS. I can honestly say I've never felt more embarassed about being an RPG fan than when p
  4. Agreed. Though I do wish we had some more information about the Collector's book: page count, what type of lore related info we can expect, etc. The vagueness of it all is what has kept me from increasing my pledge as of yet.
  5. I too would love to see a mod toolset as one of the stretch goals. Good fan-made content would add heaps of extra value to the game and would keep me coming back even after I've compleated the main game. I'm not sure how feasible such a thing is, but it would be nice to know one way or another if it's within the realm of possibility. As for the pledge tiers themselves, while I'd love to be able to toss in a grand or two to this project without expecting anything in return, as someone on a budget I'm sort of looking for the biggest bang for my buck. Right now that's the $20 earlybird dea
  6. If the developers want to incorporate some sort of modification system to items to make them more powerful that's one thing, but a 'durability' system doesn't realy add a depth of realism to the game, only stands to make your average player feel frustraited or annoyed if the item breaks right when it's needed most.
  7. I have nothing against any of the art that I've seen for the game so far, but I do have fond memories for the character portraits of the Icewind Dale series. Each portrait felt like it had a backstory even though the party itself was generated by the player. Even if they don't get Justin Sweet back to do portraits, I'd be happy if the artist they do tap is able to make the portraits themselves come alive in a similar vein.
  8. I'm not a 'hater' or a 'xenophobe' but do have to admit that language translations isn't quite as compelling of a stretch goal as the updates made it sound like it would be. I guess I got myself hyped up thinking it would be something like a toolset for community-made content.
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