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  1. same problem, recently got the scepter parts in shore of the big city, wasn't blinded before. here is the save file http://www.mediafire.com/download/qsht48q07ebbpgj/blinded.rar after a close observation, the blinded effect does not really apply, it is just the icon there
  2. Did anyone noticed there are only 9 month left for estimated delivery, so i can guess from now, they will have to skip that date. I know there is a bunch of stuff to do
  3. nice to see paypal is a thing, but is still not possible to see how much they have got, is very important to know if a strech goal is reached
  4. many people have been talking about no firearms, but have a good read to what they said, firearms are something new in that age, so it will be a rare item you found like finding diamonds, or a rare boss so they have low relevance, that is why im ok with that
  5. **** that would be awesome now getting serious... THAT WOULD BE AWESOME
  6. i'm a early backer for the 20$ tier, but i wan to cancel it to pay using paypal when it is ready, and what i wan to know is if paypal will have also the early backer tier 20$? if not then i will have to keep the 20$ on kickstarter but i dont really wan to pay with credit card
  7. if you haven't noticed Obsidian is not a publisher, is a developer most if not all punlisher are interested only on shooters and coop,multi.. but developers are interested only on making a good game, here is were they dont get along
  8. pls nooo y personally hate dungeon siegue III, (btw i love dungeon siege 2)
  9. i still dont catch if the game will be 2D like BD2 or 3D like neverwinter nights 1 or 3D like neverwinter nights 2 this is very important, i like the way nwn2 works cus we can get nice isometric look and we can close up the camera to the companions to see in details how they are
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