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  1. Romances are terrible in most (probably all) games and I question the sanity of anyone who demands them in their games. It's a game not a romance/sex simulator. Actually, it's just a sex simulator in Bioware games. You have 3 or 4 conversations with someone, then they are telling you they love you and you have sex with them and that is it. Who wants that?

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  2. Is that a royal "we?" It must be, since I don't recall electing you to speak for me. I happen to love housing options in games.


    That said, multi-language support would be nice.

    When he said "we" he was talking about him, me and all the other people with good taste in RPGs that funded this game. Eternity: Hearthfire is a terrible idea. All the best RPGs didn't have houses you could buy and raise families in. This isn't the Sims.
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