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  1. Talk about "Mature Themes". Yikes Well it could it would have to be platonic. Clearly.
  2. Right? Attempting to attain immortality is not inherently a bad thing, in D&D terms it could be seen as "chaotic" (going against the laws of the universe or somesuch) but it's not evil, plus plenty of Demigods and Gods are immortal, and they subscribe to all kinds of different alignments. I am a big proponent of undead rights, and I find the general treatment of Liches as repugnant or evil to be abhorrent. The undead are people too, Avellone did a great job of showing this in Planescape: Torment.
  3. Being a big fan and supporter of the Lich unlifeform - my roots go way back to the Sandro Should Have Won Movement (or SSHWM) - I am biased in my opinion but have to say that I wholeheartedly agree. Now, I don't necessarily think that starting out as a Lich should be possible, being a Lich is a very coveted position in unlife and shouldn't simply be handed out to players, they should have to work for it, preferably through a series of quests or through finding a rare artifact in one of the dark corners of the earth. Of course a companion of Undead origins could be a possibility too, as the
  4. Well then, let's hope the game is 2D then shall we?
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