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  1. +4 con ring from a Llaugref (spelling? the fish people) encounter in the final area of WM2
  2. +4 dex is boots in a chest buried in the snow near the Ice blight bounty.
  3. Crossed Patch Head -2 Accuracy Immunity: Blindness +10% damage to flanked targets Nidhen's finger Ring +3 constitution Grants Mind Lance 1/rest
  4. I did it with a mix of level 10+11 party and by the end wanted to pull my hair out. Positioning Hug the right hand wall from the entrance and move along until the conversation triggers, it should be just before the pillar. This will stop some of the tentacles being able to throw at you. Enemies The Vithrack can be gotten rid of through dialogue before the fight begins making it considerably easier. Sporelings will all charge at you in a clump from your position on the right hand side making them easy targets for some AOE CC. The three closest tentacles will fling rocks at the first person they see while the other two should be juuuust out of range. They target FORT and deal crush damage so try and get Eder closest to them when starting and buff his might/con and crush DR when it starts. Radiant spore sits there doing bugger all. Strategy Take out the sporelings one at a time while keeping them CCd and heal up from the aoe they do on death. Then move onto the tentacles. They can be put to sleep with Call of Slumber and petrified with Gaze of the Adragan and don't have too much HP. Once you have the three closest ones dead wail on the boss till he dies and the other ones die at the same time. Alternative strat: after dealing with the sporelings buff everyone's fort as high as you can spam heals and go to to town on the boss and his ~800 HP since the tentacles don't have to die to end the fight.
  5. So far i've gotten the faction I joined in Defiance Bay (the Crucible Knights), a contingent of ogres by talking down Matron Beregon in WM1 and Raedceren Archers by peacably sorting out the Iron Flail in WM2.
  6. There is a new helmet that may be better for this in WM2. Found on some bandits available immediately upon starting WM2 in Whitestone Hollow. Executioner's Hood +20 endurance per kill +5 melee accuracy for 5 sec when missed by an attack Intimidating presence (passive) - fear aura
  7. Dragon's Maw Shield (Soulbound Shield) Gotten from the top of Durgan's battery as loot from the fight up there. Way, way, way easier fight than the damn Radiant Spore.
  8. Finally found the Stilletto Boer has gone gaga over. Vent Pick Stilletto Exceptional Durgan refined 15% chance to cast FoD on hit/crit
  9. One non unique item thing. There are more Durgan Steel Ingots in WM2. I found 3 in the Temple to Abydon in Stalwart though to get them you have to steal. Another is found in the white forge with an extra in the old guard's room in the great hall.
  10. More WM2 items and locations. Quest: Whispers of the Dark The Silver Flash Blunderbuss Accurate 3 Blind on hit/crit 10% chance for Divine mark on hit/crit Found on a table after Elryn's Jacket Light armour 10% chance to cast eyestrike when hit/crit +2 Perception Exceptional Found in a trapped chest in the main area of Whispers of the Dark.
  11. The Unlabored Blade (the soulbound dagger) is recieved from the quest Iron and Flame in WM2. Spoilers for quest Twin Sting, the soulbound crossbow, is bought from the new shop in Stalwart. No quests or preconditions just 9075 copper. Pretty funny unlock though. Kill 3 backer NPCs with it or 15 regular enemies for the first one.
  12. The major Stronghold quest "A Solitary Mark" just gave me a somewhat decent amulet. Markes Amulet Grants Martyr on Unconcious +3 Constitution Martyr Range 10m AOE 5m Effect: Friendly AOE +30% attack speed
  13. As soon as you get to Stalwart for WM1, after driving off the ogres, she'll be waiting near the temple.
  14. Just got these from the Stronghold quest "The Mourning Circle" They're pretty darn decent gloves if I do say so. http://imgur.com/u3vELk6
  15. Is the FoD cast by this modified by Pallegina's new talent because if it is can I just say yumyumyum.
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