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  1. I'm wondering if Obsidian and the devs would be on board for a Stick of Truth sequel? The first game will probably sell very well and we know devs usually start a new project almost as soon as the last one is over. Of course Matt & Trey probably have tons of ideas (maybe DLCs?) since their original script for the game was so big. inb4 "sot isn't even out yet"
  2. Gameplay looks solid, can't wait even though the numerous delays are making it hard for fans of the series
  3. http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/10/31/south-park-the-stick-of-truth-delayed Good thing is I might have my interview now lol
  4. Looks promising. Why no demo yet on PSN, PC or Xbox? I'd love to play it
  5. I almost stopped reading when you wrote that Obsidian makes the best RPGs on the planet.
  6. I understand, even though I wanted to try here before asking Ubisoft about it.
  7. Bump. Are the devs still reading the forums? Can't get in touch with anyone. Please...
  8. Surprised no one posted it already. Sadly not my interview (which never got answered, but that's another thing). http://www.joystiq.com/2012/10/10/obsidians-avellone-on-south-park-and-the-continued-appeal-of-ex/
  9. The gaming industry has been doing this forever. I didn't read a lot of backlash for Borderlands 2' pre-order bonuses, namely Gamestop one. And that's not even the worse. Deal with it, publishers suck.
  10. Yea I guess that didn't help either, they must be swamped with interview requests nowadays with Project Eternity, but it's not the same team so I dunno.
  11. Maybe, but replying to an email only takes two seconds.
  12. No replies at all from emails, so kinda gave up. I assume they either can't answer my questions, don't have the time or both. At least writing on the forums was entertaining I guess. See you at E3 2013 I guess.
  13. The interview is in English (translated into French, both versions will be available).
  14. I knew about PMs, and I'm sorry if I overreacted. But you'd be slightly traumatized too if you'd worked on past interviews which took months to complete because of communication problems. My only goal is to get this done within a reasonable timeframe. I think now my best plan is to wait for things to unfold, which hopefully will happen. Thanks for the help and comments
  15. Still didn't even get an answer though. Doesn't hurt to say "yes" or "no". And @kirottu, I might be a "no-name reporter", but at least, unlike others, am trying to get exclusive content for my website. Of course if I always get a middle finger as an answer, such as yours, it discourages me to even try. I know developers and producers are busy, I'm not stupid, but it doesn't hurt to help someone who's genuinely interested in the development of your videogame project. That's why working with indie devs is so fun; they actually answer your emails and they do care about your coverage. I'm not saying Obsidian doesn't care, but it's kind of a pain to just get in touch with someone, and THQ isn't helping either. All I want is answers, and to be honest I never had trouble before but thanks for letting me understand I'm not worthy of an interview with you guys.
  16. I guess it can't be done. No replies either here or on Twitter. I don't really understand why, but they must be busy. Kinda sad though as I had invested quite some time in this interview....
  17. There's no urgency, but I appreciate your help guys. Will try to get in touch with Chris Avellone or a dev. If they do answer my questions I'll post the interview for all to see ^^
  18. I know it's kind of weird to post such a request here, but I have a few questions I'd like answered for my website about the South Park: The Stick of Truth videogame. Nothing too fancy, just six questions for an exclusive feature. Unfortunately I never found out how to contact a developer from Obsidian, and THQ wasn't of much help either. Please let me know if I can send you the interview. I know devs read these forums and I'd really appreciate your help. Best, Mike
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