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  1. They should just drop the IP name... since everything negative in the world seems to have become synonymous with it... but keep the ideas and ambitions... but most importantly... FINISH IT
  2. I thought It worked because people realistically won't stare at you for hours waiting for you to decide what to say... but cinematic angles works fine too. What do you think they would have to do with the game itself for them to reach their goal of 2 million? Or, do you think it will all come down to the marketing?
  3. nevermind... just saw that big ass ad on the homepage...
  4. They can still have a dialouge system with a silent protagonist. It's been done before even on jRPGs. I'm referring to Alpha Protocol because it did it the best. You can't take forever with your choices and befriending or pissing people off both have their perks. Other games will force you have to suck up to characters, even if you genuinely do not like them, to unlock perks... but here... here my friends? you can say **** you! and gain something for your trouble! I'm sorry for swaying the thread off topic.

  6. They will definitely surpass Dungeon Siege III sales, maybe not Fallout New Vegas sales. The marketing will definitely be there... it's friggin' South Park... it will be all over Comedy Central... I don't want them to worry about selling the game... just focus on making it... with that said, Alpha Protocol-ish dialouge system, prease? It would be a shame to just let this awesome gameplay mechanic die.
  7. I too am contemplating a purchase. Is there a dialouge system?
  8. Alpha Protocol would've been one of the best games of all time... the Blueprint was there... but the execution?.... *snickers to himself* I firmly believe the development team dropped the ball on purpose... or it was rushed; with the gameplay left unpolished, unfinished, uneverything.
  9. Hello all, After looking at how sparkly and clean Microsoft's knob was, dripping with "exclusive" content salivation... I was wondering what about the poor saps on the other platforms?
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