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  1. Yeah, that's what I am expecting... Hopefully they will surprise us with the multiplayer. It would be nice if you could also play the story mode with another friend that isn't in the same room, like for example connecting to your friend's game over the PSN or Xbox Live, or through Steam etc.
  2. Just making this thread so we could have all the speculations of multiplayer in one place as well as all the possibilities that it would bring to the game. Also, my decision of making this thread comes from the little information we have about the game so far, here is a video for reference of information: Click My main questions (Speculations): Will the game have co-op / multiplayer for the story mode? If so, will it range from 1-2 or 1-4 players / controllers at once? Also, will there be a possibility of customizing the other players? From my speculations, I came to t
  3. Yeah, this game probably won't be released until it hits early new year. As that would be a nice selling point; around christmas up until new year. I just hope they think throughly about the multiplayer aspects that can be in the game, which would make it that much better.
  4. Offline/local. Couch co-op is shorthand for that kind of experience you used to get rather often with PlayStation 2/Xbox and earlier generation console titles (even on PC, but it was a bit more difficult to organize ) where you could play the same game with a couple of controllers that has been getting increasingly rare with the exception of a few genres. Ah, that's what I thought it meant. So basically it is confirmed somewhere that there will be "Local / Offline" multiplayer with up to 4 controllers? (I hope that also means 4 individual character customization options) That
  5. "Couch co-op" ? Actually I was coming back to this forum just now, to see if anyone knew if this game would get co-op storymode. It would be nice if when you had a friend over, he wouldn't have to share the same character, but being given the option to create his own with controller 2, or controller 3, or controller 4. It's kinda a big deal to me that such a game would have multiplayer in one way or another, even though the story does not state any fact of more than one character starting in the story mode. I would like to see some type of multiplayer with this game, even though I woul
  6. Hey guys, I'm very excited about this new game. From what I've read so far, the only disappointment to me is that it won't have multiplayer, although that's all fine with me, I'm sure it will be a really nice single player experience. Looking forwards to buying this game and playing it for hours. I've been a South Park fan since I was young, watched most episodes, or all, I'm not sure lol. I'm also an overall gamer, played most games you can think of, except some of the newer games which I haven't had enough interest in yet. Anyways, really looking forwards to this game. I think the e
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