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  1. Yeah, that's what I am expecting... Hopefully they will surprise us with the multiplayer. It would be nice if you could also play the story mode with another friend that isn't in the same room, like for example connecting to your friend's game over the PSN or Xbox Live, or through Steam etc.
  2. Just making this thread so we could have all the speculations of multiplayer in one place as well as all the possibilities that it would bring to the game. Also, my decision of making this thread comes from the little information we have about the game so far, here is a video for reference of information: Click My main questions (Speculations): Will the game have co-op / multiplayer for the story mode? If so, will it range from 1-2 or 1-4 players / controllers at once? Also, will there be a possibility of customizing the other players? From my speculations, I came to the conclusion by myself that you would only be able to play one main character (which is the one you start with- fully customizable) and have the ability to control your companions, either with controller 1 or controller 1 to 4. My main thoughts (Possibilities): 1. You could swap out the companion with a new character (Player 2 / Controller 2) - This new character could be a character profile (Pre-Created Character), you know, such as with other games, you would have the ability to load up a character you already played with, or have the choice to create a new one. 2. Your companions for some reason has to travel with you - In this case (Player 2 / Controller 2) would be forced to play as the companion, if no other space is available in the "party". In this possibility I'm assuming there would be a maximum amount of characters that can be in the party during combat interactions. 3. When choosing a new character for (Player 2 / Controller 2) - The character would come out from the bushes - Come out from a taxi drive-by - Come out from the sewers - Summoned by Jesus Christ in a magician "realistic" way - Just suddenly appear when you enter a new zone / area - Etc Please reply with your own speculations & possibilities on how this would work in the game. Also- feel free to discuss randomness. Thank you for reading.
  3. Yeah, this game probably won't be released until it hits early new year. As that would be a nice selling point; around christmas up until new year. I just hope they think throughly about the multiplayer aspects that can be in the game, which would make it that much better.
  4. Offline/local. Couch co-op is shorthand for that kind of experience you used to get rather often with PlayStation 2/Xbox and earlier generation console titles (even on PC, but it was a bit more difficult to organize ) where you could play the same game with a couple of controllers that has been getting increasingly rare with the exception of a few genres. Ah, that's what I thought it meant. So basically it is confirmed somewhere that there will be "Local / Offline" multiplayer with up to 4 controllers? (I hope that also means 4 individual character customization options) That's all I really ask for with this game, even though I would hope for this as a online multiplayer function as well.
  5. "Couch co-op" ? Actually I was coming back to this forum just now, to see if anyone knew if this game would get co-op storymode. It would be nice if when you had a friend over, he wouldn't have to share the same character, but being given the option to create his own with controller 2, or controller 3, or controller 4. It's kinda a big deal to me that such a game would have multiplayer in one way or another, even though the story does not state any fact of more than one character starting in the story mode. I would like to see some type of multiplayer with this game, even though I would be fine with pure singleplayer. I just think it would be a lot nicer if you could play with up to 4 customized characters, being either in the same room, or joining a friend with a join friend function, etc. Maybe after the story has started- the other character would drop from the skies or come up from the sewers, etc.
  6. Hey guys, I'm very excited about this new game. From what I've read so far, the only disappointment to me is that it won't have multiplayer, although that's all fine with me, I'm sure it will be a really nice single player experience. Looking forwards to buying this game and playing it for hours. I've been a South Park fan since I was young, watched most episodes, or all, I'm not sure lol. I'm also an overall gamer, played most games you can think of, except some of the newer games which I haven't had enough interest in yet. Anyways, really looking forwards to this game. I think the experience of playing this game will be pretty much hilarious, considering that Matt Stone, and Trey Parker are helping out with this game, I think their personal touch to it will make it sell a million times over to be honest. I have yet to see gameplay trailers though, even though that doesn't bother me too much, it would still be nice to see how the gameplay is turning out. In my perspective, I think the gameplay will turn out to be addictive, just hope the game has enough stuff to do in it to keep playing even after the game is completed. That's what keeps a game alive for a longer time, and to be talked about even after a year has passed. That's also why it's a little disappointing that it doesn't have multiplayer, I hope the game can overcome that loss by other means. I have a suggestion though, that I have been thinking about for many years. I hope Trey Parker and Matt Stone will take a look at this, hopefully they will like the suggestion. Okay, just going to lay it out here. If you have played the classic "Worms" games, or Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms 2 Armageddon, Worms 3D, etc. This suggestion is basically to create a similar game to those, just at a whole different level. I prefer this game in 2D though, even though I loved Worms 3D a lot, it wasn't interesting enough to keep playing for years, probably turned out to be played about just one year's time for me. Even so, I have imagined a South Park version of this type of turn based game for many years. It would be totally epic to have South Park characters (totally customizable), to create your own South Park teams to battle it out "Worms Style", possibly also having a few hundred Kenny characters being torn apart by all the hilarious- yet devastating weaponry available. (Oh my God, they killed Kenny- You bastards o_o) Weapons could range from all the imaginary Trey Parker's and Matt Stone's ideas that they come up with. I have also been thinking that the battle system in the Worms games have been very limited of potential. Like for example; Player 1 (one turn) Player 2 (one turn), so they have one turn each basically, I have also been thinking that maybe you could have a possibility of "activating" a "real time" battle between these two characters / worms when there are only two characters / worms left on the battle ground. So it would turn into a last ending resort to be good at battling it out in real time, when one of the players wasn't able to eliminate all the characters / worms on the battle ground in the last turn. I could imagine mini modes for this new game also; Soccer, Basket Ball, Dodgeball, American Football, Golf, etc. The gameplay of these "mini modes" should be obvious to how they would function. I think this type of "Online Multiplayer" game would satisfy a lot of South Park fans, including a lot of past Worms fans which got tired of the title. I'm just hoping to the extreme that such a game will be created, with Matt Stone and Trey Parker helping out of course. Thank you all for reading my reply, hopefully you also enjoy the suggestion I made. (Love from Norway)
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