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  1. It's fair to say there are touches of Buddhism in there. Surprised no mention of the monk and his affinity to accept pain. Yes it goes beyond just noticing pain and not suffering it, exaggerating it into "pain makes me stronger". Though, still yet I suppose it could be argued that even that's not too bad of a stretch if you think of pain as a tool towards development. Either way, definitely more "Buddhist" than the "I have lightning reflexes" monk of older games.
  2. It's cheesy. Cheating to 150 will still doesn't seem to help much against mushrooms.
  3. Some command to keep your guys exactly where they stand so they don't move from their position?
  4. Since I can't have all the premade companions in a party at once, I have to decide who goes with depending on where I go. If I want to get the most out of quest and insightful companion chatter, what places are best to have who and where? For example, Ader seems to be extra chatty in copper lane, but I keep him in my party the whole time anyways. Haven't heard as much from the druid, but I'm guessing I might get more action when I go to the eastern parts of the map. The bard guy of course is good to have around for the Endless paths under the stronghold, and I noticed he was extra activ
  5. Will the vendors i visited start selling nicer stuff as I level up? Or, do they only sell at the level you met them first... meaning if I don't visit them at early levels, they will sell endgame loot if I level up first before meeting them? Or is everything just static?
  6. Are you sure you're not trying to describe those who can reverse engineer binaries and data structures? That would probably qualify as an advanced form of modding. Peon level modders can only use simple tools that someone else created, but sometimes the tools created are not always from devs.
  7. It's odd how AI features that aren't hard to implement aren't in many games. Most people want everything to be easy?
  8. As long as being evil doesn't necessarily mean being a jerk. Some evil people don't mind being nice when it benefits them, or when they are likely fo find that the person return the favor down the road. High charisma and all that. I enjoyed the update. I don't need candy artwork and screenshots to hold me over. It will come when it's ready.
  9. Definitely picking up a "Dear God - how is this going to all work?" vibe from this video Normal stuff for a game dev. A great game isn't without challenges. I'm glad he's saying it like it is. No worries guys. I hope there won't be any overreactive forum comments here that will make the next update sound more vauge: "um yeah, things are going along.. um we're in the process of figuring out cool stuff!". Ah we have no worries about fans going haywire, this isn't the Bioware forums.
  10. I predict much of the philosophy in Project Eternity will come strait out of Plato. Maybe I'll do a "see I told you so" after the game comes out.
  11. Kicking it forward is nice. But I'm against making people feel guilty for not doing it. Now if a project was on the recieving end of kicking it forward, then I'd be inclined to say they should attempt to pass it along. But with project eternity, if the money is going to some project, I'd rather see the money spent on another Obsidian project.
  12. Yeah, I like the evil characters that don't mind being liked by people (you never know when you might have an opportune moment to use someone who likes you to serve your purposes). As long as you gain power, that's all that matters. If all the do-gooders like you, good! they won't be in my way for my power grab!
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