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  1. I had the same issue. Turning off tutorial messages and restarting the game was the work-around that worked for me.
  2. OK, to be perfectly honest, the stretch goals do look a bit uninspired. New race/class does not really mean much without context. If there are only few races/classes in the game, this might be exciting. However, if it turns out to be a race/class very few people want to play, it won't be, so we have to put this down as "potentially more options". The story grows, a new faction, player housing -- yeah, same thing: more contents, more options. But realistically: Isn't this what you would expect? Isn't that what you would want? More contents? More options? Localisation and Mac/Linux versions only mean something for a specific subset of backers. More contents is the only thing that will benefit all players. So I'd be quite happy with 2.5 million = more contents, 3.0 million = more contents, even if it does sound boring.
  3. I am not sure which project you are backing but according to the Kickstarter page Project Eternity combat will use a tactial real-time with pause system - positioning your party and coordinating attacks and abilities will be the key to success. If you can just spam your most powerful ability with no cooldown all the time, where is the challenge?
  4. If you're playing a localised version of a game your experience will suffer either way. Every localisation I've ever come across is inferior to the original product. Many of those narrative nuances get lost along the way because the translators couldn't fully grasp the narrative themselves or simply didn't bother to. After all, they have to rewrite a ridiculous amount of text - they simply don't have the time to ponder on every word's exact meaning. This is true to a point -- some localisations are certainly better than others. The problem is that the translators are mostly just that: translators. They usually do not have a background in RPGs or fantasy or have all the background information to make sense of the text in front of them. But this is not really a discussion about the quality of translations. If you only know the localised version, you usually don't know what you are missing. The real question is whether someone who is not a native speaker of English would donate (more) money to this project if translations were stretch goals.
  5. I don't really want to play inventory tetris. I do however want control over what goes where and who carries what.
  6. I assume that a Planescape Torment sequel is out of the question because of licensing issues. Something along those lines, i.e. a party based, isometric view RPG with a deep story and tactical combat would be brilliant though.
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