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  1. The original poem was misinterpreted: http://www.orderoflaibach.com/blog/screw-you-firedorn-lightbringer Some people's brains have learnt (been taught?) to see offending patterns everywhere, around every corner, between every line. Now that you have decided to give in to the complainers and remove it, what are you going to do when the perpetually offended come knocking on your Twitter door next time? What if next time it's about YOUR content? I think this sets a dangerous precedent.
  2. Yet another voice in support of Obsidian. Please don't give in to these perpetually offended people. Nothing you'll do will satisfy them. They'll just find another character, another line, quote it out of context, misinterpret it in bad faith and complain about the offense of the day.
  3. It requires you, however, to activate the game before playing and having Steam running whenever you're playing. Which is what is meant with DRM. When Steam goes bankrupt or offline, you cannot install and play any game.
  4. Thank you very much for the DRM-free version. I feel GOG is an excellent choice for it, be it updates, support and like-minded community.
  5. Hello Obsidian, will there be a fix for users with a different date format (basically everyone without English Windows)?
  6. Long time fan, first time poster here. Dear sirs and ladies from Obsidian, please create - a stealth-action RPG - with characters and decisions I will think about a long time after finishing the game - with gameplay that supports multiple solutions - with a world I can shape with my actions - preferrably from a near future / cyberpunk dystopia / postapocalyptic landscape Or just create whatever you wanted to create for a long time and you will love. Just have fun with it!
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