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  1. Just echoing sentiments here. If you remove the one please offer an option to remove all. It's all been terrible writing mostly.
  2. We are currently talking about the package design. Once we have the final details we will let everyone know. I just want to follow up on my feelings on this. I can certainly see offering a DVD case with steam code being the preferred method of production for any publisher. However, whether it was specifically stated or not, your concept art certainly implied it would be an old-school box. That is what I backed, and I want a DRM free disc with no online activation to come with it. I would have never backed at $65 if this wasn't the case. If the DVD case with steam key is what you decide on
  3. Alright thanks for spending time doing this. I feel much better about this now.
  4. Are you guys legally allowed to disclose our personal information to another business after we backed not knowing this agreement? Is there a KS policy on this? Also, what specifically are you authorizing paradox to do with our personal information? If you haven't discussed it I'd be much happier if you did and made it clear to us before giving them any information. I don't want paradox keeping my information, and I don't want my personal information used for anything but sending my physical goods. I disclosed my information to your company, and I need a concise statement on how that inform
  5. When I backed for a boxed copy I was expecting an old school box like the IE games. Will that be the case, or will we receive DVD cases? Thanks! Also the min wage in NZ is $11 so I don't get all the "fair prices" bull.
  6. That's how a debate works, and it'd be better to say even if we didn't make profits we'll still fund this. Oh, it's fine to raise a second objection, but you'd need to accept that your first objection was not sound, not argue that nobody has been able to refute your objections. Regarding your second objection, well, it's obviously nonsensical to say that they'll make an expansion even if they didn't turn a profit. Because that would imply they would either 'save' their KS $ for it, which is way more problematic, or that they will act in a financially reckless manner (by promising a
  7. Actually you're right. I did not read it, and thought it was a response from KS that I had already read. I didn't look at what it actually said. Since I will not back at that level, it will not bother me in anyway. I rescind my comments. Mistakes happen and I apologize for the incorrect assumption. However, you all have acted in an incredibly rude manner instead of replying in a mature fashion, and it really is a shame that even after a moderator comments you continued to act in such a way.
  8. That's how a debate works, and it'd be better to say even if we didn't make profits we'll still fund this.
  9. No I fail to see any sound counter argument to my point.
  10. No, I'm sorry but a lack of maturity will not dissuade me from expressing my opinion about a game I've funded. It's still a dishonest practice, because it promises something that may rely on commercial success of the game which they have no way of guaranteeing.
  11. I hate this idea. It begs the question, what resources will be spent to make this expansion? If it is with the pool of KS backer funds then it's a crap ea-like move in that it suddenly limits content while utilizing resources from the entire backer community. Why not just wait two months for the additional content? We need answers, and at least now I'm a bit disappointed in this announcement. I've been saying that their average backer value is way lower than similar projects, and this is a stupid way to get more funds out of the current pool of backers.
  12. You can say that, but Shadowrun Returns had less total backers than PE has right now and $200,000 more in funding. So I think it's worth noting.
  13. It's probably way too early to tell, but I'm really curious so I bring it up. What I'm basically expecting is a game world the size of BG II with around the same number of gameplay hours. Do you guys think that is in the realm of possibility with the amount of funding they will receive? Tim Cain said the funding was just right for what they want, so I hope that means a big game. Also, I think Obsidian sold themselves a little short on the backing price for this. If you look at the average payment received by a backer for similar projects like WL2 and Shadowrun Returns it is much high
  14. Yeah if they announced teaming up with bioware I'm pretty sure their pledges would plummet to nothing..... only to be replaced by bioware fans. Which would probably net them a lot of pledges again, but then they'd have a lot of ex-fans.
  15. Easy. School of pulling rabbits out of hats. School of card trickery. School of disposing of inadvertently beheaded magician's assistants' corpses. School of Mind Freak.
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