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  1. Got a source on that? Sounds interesting. Those blizzard peeps sure know how to make a game
  2. I would actually state the precise opposite. Folks who DO NOT SEE the obvious generic formulas that MMOs have have not played enough of them. Now, if playing enough MMO:s is a good thing or not.. that is another question.
  3. So what you are saying is: "Yes, there are mobs to kill and grind!" - ? This is not a general naysaing response. I'm truly interested in hearing if you have put any thought into making a MMO. Or if your idea is to make a 'common' mmo with a Wampire-shell, and then fine tune the gameplay with rare magic items etcetera? If so. I see vaporware. And to the other fellow stating that EVE is a successful MMO. Though, EVE still is a very marginal game lookig at amount of people playing, it is as you stated a good MMO. The point is that the developers of EVE are just implementing the design
  4. Wait a minute. It is still a MMOrpg. Most of us have tried and know what MMOs are about. With or without wampire toons, you still need a solid idea about the game mechanics and what the endgame should be about. From my point of view, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar stronger IP:s have failed to make a good MOOrpg. Fangs of no fangs. You need to make a functional game to make this work. What is the idea?
  5. Random advice: Try summoning all the guys you can. Let the mage cast bigby's hands that cant be saved against on the herald/snakelords. Kill them off one by one. Coldsteel and holy weapons all the way. I didnt try it but, displacement/improved invis. on the one tanking and blind on the herald should help. Have lots of healing pots of you on the ones tanking the herald. He hits for lots. Ohh, and try using invisibility pots and to place your guys where you want them before you start the encounter. I didn't try it but you should be able to disarm/knockdown the herald if you have a serious
  6. Back to the matter at hand.. I believe the RPG-purists needs to play SoZ and see the game for what it is before they start foaming around the mouth and screaming for my infidel head on a plate. Even though we live next door that is. SoZ is like Sim-RPG more then a story-rpg alla bioware. Like it or not. My suggestions where aimed at making the good parts of SoZ better.
  7. What the hell? You live like next door to me! SCARY. Mmm. And no, even though you where here first, I will not leave.
  8. I played through SoZ something that I couldn't find myself doing with MotB (mostly due to the fact that the combat was so sickening unchallenging). I like the concept of SoZ, I found the few challenging encounters fun! But if I ever find the time I would love to mod it, so much of the possible fun is never realized. To improve it I would: 1. All towns/inns (crossroad keep, nevervinter etcetera..) gets a picture and a dialogue box. The dialogue box allows you can do all the quests/crafting/resting and talking directly via the interface. This allows the game to change the descriptions, vi
  9. If we are talking RPG-settings I would love to see Shadowrun get new game...
  10. Dark Omen! Best. Tactical RPG:ish game. Ever. http://www.cdmag.com/articles/011/166/dark_omen_review.html To me its quite obvious why most people like remakes of the old-school games. As a starved cRPG enthusiast new kewl game features and technical gizmos sounds 'meh!' at best. I mean all the shiny things a developer pours into a game, that dont contribute to the story, takes away valuable development resources from the said story. The new innovative cRPG features such as arcade like fighting, tactical mumbojumbo, graphical magic, all sounds good, but seriously dont add anything
  11. I would like to see a remake of the Eye of the beholder saga (1-3). That would RAWK!
  12. Lightsaber KATANAS that would be the bestes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or just KATANAS that would RoXxOR!!! ANd JEDININJAS!!!!
  13. Dude, u should have a "none of the above" option.... As it is now, im not voting. But, some kind of re-use could be fun... It would be nice if Carth could sit and whine with his new group of adventures and they collective dicides to 'put this whining dog down'... or.. One could overhear the endless whine of Carth in a cantina and be able to choose the - You take of from the planet and nuke it from orbit..... option. or.. One could meet a spacecaravan of refugees fleeing the whine of Carth on some moon. Mby one could pick up some side quest to hunt the blackhole
  14. "you WISH to be a jedi knight" "i wish to be a jedi" "jedi ARE cool" "jedi are cool" "move along" "huh?" Dude! U should be aware of the fact that I always
  15. I do like cRPG:s u know. Cant really stand FPS. Think about it man! KOTOR2 - all new, cool new animations and able to play a space cowboy alla Hans Solo. It would rock!
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