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  1. Bakercompany does have a point though. In a combat system like this that isn't going to become party based what other stats do you want? All of the stats that Bakercompany brought up are very useful and go a fair way towards diversifying characters (i.e. attack vs will do you want stronger basic attacks or stronger skill based attacks. Will you sacrifice retribution for momentum. Is it more important to gain focus quicker with momentum or is your build more focused around getting crits with agility). Instead of strawmanning people defending the game as "Obsidian defenders" or whatever can you actually explain what additional stats you think the game needs. I agree with you on deeper character building though, it had some basic elements of it- but it could use more of this variation. I guess, at least the game doesn't suffer too much from jack of all trades syndrome- sure you can unlock all abilities but they won't be very good unless you actually build on them. Btw bakercompany you forgot Momentum, Warding and Retribution in your stat list. Go look up all the stuff available in TQ/D2/ect...there's a lot more. It's not just the quantity though, it's how the item system really integrates with the class system and opens up a really substantial amount of unique builds from it. There's other things too like every character being tied to a specific weapon...I'm sorry but DS3 has a very restrictive and shallow item system. There's just no other way to say it...it's still fun finding items and all, but it's just a little disappointing that's all. Well you see, now you are moving on and you have changed your original point You are now talking specifically about the loot system, which many people (including myself) agree its a major weak point for DS3. The stat system itself is fine, as are the other things you mentioned. The only reason D2 has more replayability then DS3 is because of content. There are more classes, and the "campaign" is longer, and you have your loot runs. The actual gameplay however in DS3 is a lot better then anything DS2 could have hoped to achieve And as for variety in D2 due to classes, we all know that only around 1/3 of the builds were actually viable in D2, and furthermore most people only skilled like 2-3 which were constantly repeated. I did the exact same thing in TQ when I started playing it again, its just spam 1-2-3 (at most). DS3 has a really strong base to build on. Content is easily added through the use of DLC's, and there is nothing stopping obsidian from adding things like Arena mode or unlimited dungeons. Also remember that they made a brand new engine for this game Agreed, armor needs way more "umf"
  2. +9000 I just went back to playing Titan Quest because unfortunately I got stuck due to a bug (yes I reported it) Then I realized how BOOOORING the combat is compared to DS3. I mean yes the game is longer, and its more "open" (well, not really, I mean, both games still have linear quests and campaings, its just that the level design in TQ/Diablo is of open worlds more so then "corriders" that DS3 is), but it just ended up getting boring. In fact I know just started a new campaign with the sword character Luckily if Obsidian can release a lot of DLC, it can turn DS3 into a true gem
  3. The only thing that gave D2 depth was the amount of classes and the length of the game. Going back to playing D2 and Titan Quest, I realized how ridiculously repetitive the games are. I think at this point many people play D2 because its D2, it was a fantastic game for its time but its flaws are really starting to show when compared to current games
  4. Considering Obsidian made their own engine for this game, and it had a somewhat short development time, its not surprising its lacking in some areas
  5. Depth is not the same as game length Portal for example had quite a lot of depth, yet it only lasted a few hours The gameplay of DS3 is loads better then DS1/DS2, even though its not as long (however judging by the fact that there is a menu section for DLC, it appears that Obsidian will start releasing DLC content on DS3). DS3 has much more "depth" in terms of both gameplay and lore then the older DS's in the series, it just happens to be a bit shorter compared to the other epic bioware rpg's (that have 40+ hours of gameplay)
  6. Come on, really.I wouldn't compare Bioware and Enix to Obsidian, because Obsidian is not even allowed to step in the shadows of Bioware and Enix. Based on history, look back and see how many bestseller Bioware and Enix had, Obsidian still have way to go. I do agree that FF 13 is not that good, and even Bioware's DA2, but Obsidian's Alpha Protocol/Fallout new vegas aint something to write home about either. Maybe your thinking i hate Obsidian, i dont, i like them, and support them by buying the games they create. Actually Fallout vegas was one of the highest rated games according to metacritic, it would have gotten an even higher rating if it wasn't for the initial technical issues that unfortunately most of bioware games have
  7. I also have this issue, unfortunately I have no older save, is there any plan to fix this issue?
  8. Well to be technical, they took the lore from the DS series and evolved the game in a different way. The fact that the games have the same lore is why its DS3
  9. What happened to Evolving with this game. They took a DS game, cut all the great features and put ported it. I think that's called Regressing. They did evolve it. -They added a combat system that doesn't suck, the boss battles are actually a lot of fun and even the small ones aren't tedious. -They added an actual story. I'm actually interested in what happens next in this game. What are all these great features people keep talking about in DS1? I'm playing it back and forth between DS3 and DS1 (I wanted to wait until I finished the classics before playing the third, but I just couldn't wait so started 3) and I find DS 1 tedious while DS 3 has me glued to the game for hours at a time. The ONLY thing I can think of that I'd want from the original is the more open game world. Most of DS 3 has been a narrow path so far with few open environments. Everything else is an improvement in DS 3. Yeah I completely agree, DS1/DS2 are simply put, boring. This game is actually fun in terms of gameplay
  10. While it certainly makes blocking useless I disagree on dodge being too imba. Unlike most rpgs kiting around the map here won't achieve anything in the long term, you don't regain focus, you can't regain power spheres or anything- it's not like witcher 2 or DA2 where you could just run around the map until your vigor/mana regenerated and then jump back into the combat (witcher 2 is especially guilty of this imo). Dodging here is about placement and avoiding taking damage and it's perfectly fine the way it is- I'd argue that it's blocking that needs to be made more useful. What you are doing with geometry of annihilation is a tactic- besides GoA has a huge focus cost and it's mainly useful for taking out trash mobs (which means that after you kill all the trash mobs you won't be able to regen focus to use GoA again as easily since all that's left are the tough and more aggressive bosses) You won't find it as useful against boss encounters (at least in the mid-late game) Well what is obvious that dodge does make blocking useless. Possibly the main cause of this issue is that characters such as Reinhert are so weak on early levels, that you are forced to dodge constantly while doing AoE. Probably some 'balance' is required so it doesn't become a massive dodgefest Chaos: Vampiric is certainly a badass combo with GoA for Reinhart, but I only found one or two pieces of loot that had that stat- how far in the game have you played? Cause after Raven's Rill I found loot that made the old stuff obsolete and meant I couldn't get the Vampiric stat after that (I'm guessing they give that stuff early on to make up for Reinhart's fragility). Well I found another 2 vamparic items in shops (I am currently like level 25, stopped playing due to the A/D bug). So its probably bad luck on your part in regards to not getting the lifesteal mechanic, because unless the developers made some exception, the Chaos:Vamparic is just a general mecanic Don't know about this one either, I wasn't always able to buy everything in the shops- and there was certainly a lot of depth with loot, unlike other rpgs where loot at different tiers are just better than low tiers, there was certainly a lot of depth to the looting stats that meant that even low tier stuff was useful (I found myself dropping down to lower tiered stuff so I could get agility bonuses as I found that more useful than attack raises, and I kept that mobius with chaos vampiric for quite a while until it got completely obsolete because I needed that health stealing edge to compensate for Reinhart's low stamina. Well I basically was (it was also due to the combination of epic drops which means you didn't have to buy everything), however throughout the whole game I could just buy what I wanted/needed, there wasn't any decision making required. Even a review on DS3 picked up on this note . I'm not sure, compared to other games there was a pretty clear difference between hardcore and normal in terms of how aggressive the AI was- unless you mean the difficulty gradient of the game- in which case I agree except that I found the boss encounters made up for the trash mobs and filler combat (boss battles were tonnes of fun and pretty tactical cause of their combat patterns). I find it strange that you mention DA:Origins as an example of this done right as it's a completely different playstyle and wouldn't work in this setting (the combat is too passive)- also that game abused filler combat and just raising stats a lot as well. And I agree with you on that last point too. But if it was that easy why not just raise the difficulty to hardcore? Unless you're claiming hardcore is easy too (c ocky ) I was more pointing out the fact of how extreme the gameplay style is in hardcore mode (and most RPG's suffer this fate). As you correctly claimed, at least as Reinhert, normal mobs are ridiculously easy and you can cream them without a effort, where as the boss bottles are incredibly hard. This sought of situation ends up hapenning when increasing difficulty just results in increasing damage/health, and every RPG that does this has had this problem (D2 had it with necromancers as well). If DS3 wants to stand out, increased difficulty should be increasing the difficulty generally, this means increasing AI (and other things) and not just HP/Damage
  11. Having this problem as well, although that is nothing new
  12. I guess I would introduce myself, I am an old RPG playing, have played all the different types of RPG's which include - SNES JPRG's (chrono, star ocean, Tales of Phantasia etc etc) - Bioware RPG's (BG, NW, NW2, DA) - ARPG's (Diablo, Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest) The thing that I love about this game is basically its gameplay, its not [*boring*], its quite active and I like the way that the skill, the combat just flows through the hands. However after playing the game, there are some qualms regarding gameplay/balance and so I guess this is kind of a post regarding suggestions and balance changes. Also note that I have played the game on hardcore, and so this discussion is for the hardest level of the game Dodge Mechanic As everyone knows, you can dodge indefinitely. Whether this is intended or not is another question, but the mechanic is ridiculously abusable. Especially when playing Reinhart (character I am playing), you can do stupid things like lay down a Geometry of Annihilation and continuously dodge while the enemies get themselves killed. This of course makes the game incredibly cheesy, allowing me to mow down through enemies in seconds at a ridiculously fast pace with this combo. It also made blocking completely useless (I haven't blocked once in the game, no need with dodge) Suggestions I guess the best suggestion is to make the dodge mechanic take a bit of focus, so you cant just dodge indefinitely. As a rebalance, the blocking mechanic can take less of a penalty to focus then it currently does, which allows a more dynamic dodge/block gameplay style Chaos:Vamparic on AoE Another gameplay suggestion is to put some penalty on AoE with Chaos:Vamparic. When I got heart of darkness on Reinhert, I literally could play the game with a hand tied behind my back. Again with Geometry of Annihilation + Lifesteal, I was lifstealing around 100HP a second, and with abusing the dodge mechanic I was basically invulnerable. I was able to abuse this with Whitefang incredibly easily, and was able to gain 2 levels just in the boss fight. Basically whenever he spawned the small spiders, I put a Circle of Geometry + lifesteal which fully healed me basically instantly, and rinse and repeat. Suggestions I think the best way to solve this is to put a penalty on lifesteal for each additional target taking damage (so first is 100% of original lifesteal value, next would be something like 80%, then 56% etc etc). Either that or tone down the formula so lifesteal isn't so strong (although melee characters like Lucas would cringe about this) Way too much loot/gold The game simply put drops way too much gold/loot, to the point where I could purchase the best items for my party everytime I could shop. In a lot of cases I also didn't need to shop at all. This of course dumbs down the whole looting aspect and removes a depth regarding choice. When people play DS III, they should be forced into making a choice about which epic items they should be getting (i.e. should I be getting the best defence, or best offence item, or should I go in between?). RPG's that give you so much gold where you can basically buy everything often have this problem On another note, DS3 seems to have a similar issue that other RPG's have, and that is generally useless loot. Although its somewhat mitigated with transmute (it just basically turns into another form of gold). Suggestions This one is simply, just tone down the amount of gold/loot people get. Regarding useless loot, Torchlight improved on this issue by basically allowing you to combine (or transmute, but with a different meaning then DS3) items together, forming stronger and more unique items. Something similar should be done with DS3, just basically give some sought of gameplay dynamic regarding useless loot. Obsidian could really improve on this mechanic to make DS3 truly unique compared to other RPG's Bosses should follow indefintely Bosses should follow the players indefinitely, as the current mechanic of them retreating is incredibly easy to abuse (especially with Reinhart). Certain bosses which I would have been ridiculously difficult to defeat (get to this later), such as the one from the quest "The Fishing Hole", I was only able to defeat using this mechanic, and later on with bosses that are slow moving melee (such as Azure Champion) it just becomes silly. Suggestion Well, just make the monsters follow you indefinitely, there are already plenty of native defence mechanics in the game (dodge and blocking) to deal with this Reduce the Damage scaling on higher difficulties and make the game harder in different ways This is one thing I dislike about RPG's, they make the game harder by just naively increasing the HP/Damage. This is kind of a bandaid approach, because it makes it incredibly difficult for some classes (historically has been summoners/melee type characters), it does very little for range/caster types of characters. For example, when playing Reinhert, the start of the game was ridiculously difficult, as I didn't really have many disables the enemies literally killed me in a second. Usually I played a endless game of hit and run, but if the enemies happened to be ones that were really fast (such as the ones in "The Fish Hole" quest I was talking about earlier), I finished using a querk in the game. On the other hand, once I reached midgame, it felt like the game difficulty was on easy, as melee enemies couldn't touch me and I could endlessly dodge enemy attacks with dodge (and do things like geometry of annihilation and just wait for them to kill themselves). Suggestion Make the enemies more difficult in another way, improve their AI massively, or make them more skillful (like allow them to dodge your spells better). Really tease the players mind in some ways. As an example I gave earlier, when I cast geometry of Annihilation on ranged enemies, they should start moving out to reduce the AoE damage (instead of just stupidly standing in there and getting themselves killed). This is done for example in DA:O, and it works really well. Doing such a change would also help making classes less extreme in effectiveness on hard setting, after all the goal should be to make the game overall harder and not just more extreme Issues regarding scaling Even on the hardest difficulty, on the end game at least with Reinhart, the damage (or general effectiveness) seems to skyrocket past level 15. Enemies where dying in 3 ticks of Geometry of Annilation, and with talents such as Eureka Moment, and fully levelled Entropic Mastery + Genius!, damage was getting ridiculous. The other talents such as Timely Escape made me basically untouchable. I am not exactly sure however where the issue lies, it might be with scaling on items, or scaling with talents, or maybe just Reinhert + combination of previous problems, but things scale way too hard. Another issue was that I was gaining levels every 15 minutes past level 20, which was also fairly stupid Suggestion This is just a basic scaling issue, and should be fixed with toning down of numbers in general (in one area or another)
  13. I can't believe the amount of people that say DS3 is crap over DS1/DS2 The only good thing I can really say about DS1 is the fact that it brought 3D into APRG type of games. The actual gameplay however was very monotonous, something with D1/D2 did a lot better then DS1/2. If you can basically put your party on "auto attack" and play the game, something is wrong If you want a game with plenty of party customization that you are seeking, play something by BioWare (NW,NW2,BG, Dragon Age). I like what Obsidian has done with the series, it has enormous potential and the actual gameplay is quite fun, its not boring at all
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