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  1. I own the Ultimate Fig edition, which is supposed to also include those items, but I'm not seeing anything. Is it supposed to show on my DLC tab? I currently have, outside of the scavenger items: Season Pass, Pre-order bonus, Critical Role Pack and Explorer's Pack, nothing more. Any update on this? thanks
  2. I own the Ultimate Fig edition, which is supposed to also include those items, but I'm not seeing anything. Is it supposed to show on my DLC tab? I currently have, outside of the scavenger items: Season Pass, Pre-order bonus, Critical Role Pack and Explorer's Pack, nothing more.
  3. Well, I have a different problem: my name is in the Gold Backer section of the game, and the strategy guide (I still haven't looked for the memorial in-game stone), and rather unbelievably, my name is wrong everywhere, and it's not even the same typos in the different places. It's very disappointing. Wasn't there any quality control? Did the person responsible for proofreading the gold backer credits on the strategy guide really think that "Joío" is my first name? Worse, this probably means my physical rewards will come with my name wrong. My kickstarter profile has my correct name. My survey has my correct name. Why in the hell did this happen?
  4. I would agree with you if I didn't open the game, and saw my name completely misspelled.
  5. I'm sad to say, but I don't think Arcanum is going to be revived. I would love to, since it's actually my all-time favourite RPG, but it's doubtful the game's "brand appeal" would warrant someone negotiate with Activision to sell the rights to the name.
  6. According to something I read elsewhere, the reveal will happen in 4 days, so the number appears to be a simple countdown. If you are looking for any meaning to the number 4, the only one I can think of is that it's considered an unlucky number in Japan, because it has the same pronunciation as the word "death".
  7. It's sad to see Obsidian in such (apparent) bad state. I really hope they pull through. After Troika Games closed, I spent a significant period of time where I had pretty much zero interest for any videogame product. It was particularly sad to see the one developer whose output I was always looking forward to close, especially after making 3 excellent games, including my personal all-time favourite RPG Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Seeing Obsidian, a company that somewhat filled the void left by Troika for me in these past years in such state seems like a sad case of history repeating itself. Worse of all, this after Tim Cain joined them! I really hope they are able to turn things around.
  8. It's great to see Tim Cain joining the gang full time. Yes, please!
  9. Just so you know, if you start a campaign, I will pledge as much as I can afford, no matter what game idea you select. I have absolutely no problems giving you the amount I would pay for 4-5 games (which would probably leave me severely underwhelmed, considering most "big" releases nowadays are absolute generic, uninteresting, and just plain soulless), in order to have something I would like to play. You guys are yet to disappoint me, and I trust you fully to deliver an awesome game. In fact, you are pretty much the only RPG developer left whose games I truly enjoy, and whose games I'm always looking forward to. As for projects I would love to see, here's my "dream list" (which is pretty much totally unrealistic, since you don't have the rights to most of these properties, but a man can dream... ): -a sequel to Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (now that you have Tim Cain on board, at least for now, this would be pretty much my dream game; I loved the setting, the freedom of choice, the graphics and soundtrack of the original game; it's actually my favorite RPG of all time. Of my suggestions that involve IPs that you don't own, this one may be the most doable, since I doubt Activision has any interest in making anything with it, and may be open to negotiate it) -a sequel (or "spiritual sequel") to Vampire: The Masquerade
  10. This news made me incredibly happy. Just a couple of days ago, I was thinking how depressing it was to see most figures of the gaming industry whose works I really enjoy working on things I had absolutely no interest. A few of the examples that came to mind were Tim Cain working on a MMORPG (call me old fashioned, but I just don't see why all the fuzz with this sub-genre, to a point where a proper, single-player RPG, is a rare occurrence nowadays; for me, nothing beats a well crafted single-player game, especially a RPG), Tom Hall working on social games for facebook, Warren Spector at Disney (I liked Epic Mickey and all, but he is capable of so much more), Richard Garriott wanting to make games for facebook and browsers with a social component, Chris Roberts working on god-knows what, and so on. Troika Games was my favorite gaming company, and I place all their games at the very top of my list of preferences. In fact, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura is easily my favorite RPG of all-time. Amidst the mediocrity that currently comes out of most major developers/publishers, Obsidian Entertainment is one of the few companies whose works I follow, since so far I found all their games to be worth my time (and I own them all), something rare these days, since I struggle to be interested in most of the things that get released. So, I'm happy to see Tim working again on, hopefully, a proper SP game, and to have him on a company that is probably the closest thing around to those sadly defunct developers I used to follow (Troika Games, Origin Systems, Looking Glass Studios, Black Isle Studios, ...). Welcome, Tim!
  11. Sorry for bumping this thread, but I'm missing the Annulus of Force DLC, and was wondering if there's any way to obtain it?
  12. The file failed to validate well before the release of the patch (I tried it for the first time on Monday), and even after the updates that happened today, the issue still persists. Maybe it's a problem with one of the files uploaded to Steam.
  13. I installed the game using the retail CD (Limited Edition, Europe), during which I registered the game on Steam. After the installation was concluded, I tried to verify/validate the files, but Steam always says 1 file failed to validate, and downloads it. It's been like this since Monday, the date I received the game, and it hasn't changed even with the recent "problematic" update. Am I the only one experiencing this issue?
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