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  1. I dont care what they do to DS 4 really.As long as Obsidian doesn't develope it, im more then happy.
  2. Yeah me too. Since i bought the pc version and heard people complaining about the controls and camera, i haven't installed the game. Next week its Dungeon Siege III week for me Good job Obsidian.
  3. Come on, really.I wouldn't compare Bioware and Enix to Obsidian, because Obsidian is not even allowed to step in the shadows of Bioware and Enix. Based on history, look back and see how many bestseller Bioware and Enix had, Obsidian still have way to go. I do agree that FF 13 is not that good, and even Bioware's DA2, but Obsidian's Alpha Protocol/Fallout new vegas aint something to write home about either. Maybe your thinking i hate Obsidian, i dont, i like them, and support them by buying the games they create.
  4. So now we need a patch for the new patch, yay!! Nice job Obsidian
  5. Any news on the patch for the PC version? Bought the game, however waiting to play till the patch is released. One question though, will the patch fix the camera issues?
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