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  1. Hello, Does anyone know where i can find a video of the reinhart intro?
  2. Hello there, Just a question.. i really liked DS3, but after a while doing the same and same get's just boring. Are there any plans of new dlc's/expansions? Or will there ever come more?
  3. I'm on the PC and i got the Merchant of Ehb deed, but no achievemet.
  4. Hey, As i am trying to get all achievements (77% like now) i was now trying to get the "Merchant of Ehb" achievement. I only have came up with a small problem.. i got the Merchant of Ehb Deed, but i did not earn any achievements. Can anyone help please?
  5. Well, i often play the game, but i do not really have mood to post on this forum always due to the overpowered time delays between posts.
  6. Yep, that's what i was trying to say, there was no real news, and if there was a little message, it was very weak. But the steam page is nice, but that's no community stuff about the DLC, right?
  7. Do you mean by sidekick a companion? Sorry english is not my mother language and i just don't got that word. What i asked was, that if it would be possible to see some king of update, which makes it possible to have all the four companions (controlled by the AI/Computer however you call it). How they enter? Well, in the order that you meeted them up. About dialogue influence stuff, i don't think this can be mixed up as the companion will only answer when you choose the option that he prefers. If not, i guess they maybe could say what they think about it one by one. To make it then a bit harder, the difficult should improve a bit when more companions are in the Game. EDIT: I am not sure if this is possible for a major patch, but i know that Square Enix once allowed a patch for Supcom 2 which was a major patch that changed a majority in the systems. (the economy remake)
  8. Offcourse it selled awesome, Steam has as always a nice page for it. But if there would be more news, there would be even more Sales. It just weak of the guys behind the DLC to don't say anything on the main site, but saying on twitter/facebook Oh sorry guys, forgot to say that it will be later in Europe. Proffesional much?
  9. If Square Enix wants to do big bussiness, and run so many games at once at publisher, they need to be able to do the job.
  10. When the SC2 DLC was comming out, our little Square did more news.
  11. Hey, After completing The main Game on difficult Hardcore, and almost done with the DLC (busy with Molochi) i would wonder if there's any chance for a major patch. What i would like to see is as the game progresses, it would get even harder, as you could use all four characters together in battle. Maybe this could be a setting at the difficult screen, to allow this. If you enable this, the difficult should offcourse get harder after you get more and more Companions in your team. :: Cmd_laurens
  12. What i wonder about is why there was so less news about the Game. For example, when EA is creating a game, they post to much news, Obsidian for Dungeon Siege.. almost nothing when the DLC came out - It's one mistery, and if there would be news, then there would be more sales!
  13. Hi there, About Dungeon siege III bugs, while i was wandering through the desert, i spotted a nasty bug.. Anjali is attacking enemies, then she uses Pilar of fire, but the ability seems to be broken (there) and it always spawn on herself. Any plans to fix this? (I was Katarina, my companion Anjali)
  14. Actually, i have a feeling that every single patch note is being kept away from us as a secret. Why? Since the DLC was arrived, we had a small patch received. As far i known they didn't tell anything about it. What i noticed with the patch, is that you now can unequip amulets and rings. (useful for blind achievement)
  15. Hey guys, I have some questions (to the developers). First, can you post here suggestions for bugfixes/improvements (patch)/DLC? Next, will there be more DLCs in the future? Thanks.
  16. Wow dude! Thanks! This worked for me, i now got the Worthy of Legend achievement, Top from the view thing (max level) and perfectionist achievements! The rest was easy of cake, just this hard Jeyne Kassynder fight! *And struggled over some Daevus spam*
  17. I will be getting this DLC tomorrow, i have mades some saves through the game. Those are Meisterhall after completing all stonebridge quests, and one at the causeway to the East forest when it's over.
  18. Hey, I am having trouble with killing Chakti in the first Jeyne Kassynder fight in Hardcore. Me (anjali) and Lucas almost die instantly. Any tips for dealing with Chakti? Thanks.
  19. Btw.. when starting steam i noticed it was updating DS3. What's new stuff? (patch)
  20. Guess what, i live in Belgium, the head country of Europe, with Brussel at its heart. Bring it on for Europe please!
  21. And steam has to release it, right? Or am i wrong?
  22. hey, I am having trouble with defeating Rajani on hard with Anjali & Lucas. I manage to get her like 70% in her fire form, but after it her special attacks with the lights is to strong. Any hints?
  23. The main Dungeon Siege ||| was also delayed eh?
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