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  1. I'm more than ready for anything that adds some more Katarina gameplay!
  2. Are you trying to imply that DS3 has a good storyline? It doesn't. A game doesn't need a massive epic story to be good... one could argue that you know the gameplay is the most important aspect... but hey if you prefer sitting around for half of the game listening / reading dialogue (which is terrible writing in the case of DS3) rather than actually playing a game with amazing gameplay.... then well I guess that's up to you. I know this concept might be new to you but your opinion =/= fact.
  3. No, not necessarily. Just like that, lots of people are doing it. It's working just fine.
  4. I spent about 70 hours on the game so far. So hell yes it's worth my money.
  5. PC controls are working perfectly fine for me though. This might be new to you but not every PC game is best played using keyboard and mouse and this has been the case form the very beginning of pc gaming on...
  6. I really do love the game but a shared camera in MP...Obsidian WTH have you been thinking? I have been playing a free coop shooter (Alien Swarm) that does this way better.
  7. Wow I honestly thought if you would ever get the game it would be just to burn it... @OT The changes to A and D might help a bit I would habe preferred to use the mouse for camera control though.
  8. After playing the demo I'm even more exited to finally get my hands on the game. I even got myself an XBox 360 controller to play it.
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