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  1. You lost me. Teleport? I don't have teleport. I'm playing Anjali ... does someone else have teleport? Anjali
  2. I'd just be happy if everyone got their own screens in multiplayer. With 2 people its fine. But with 4 people its total chaos.
  3. From what I've read, in online multiplayer you get your own screen. However, if you wander too far from your team mates, you will be teleported back to them. Hope this helps. =) No you don't the screen is shared.
  4. Most of my gaming buddies played the demo, they were all hardcore d2 players and were really looking forward to this and they were gonna pre-order after the demo. Not anymore though, unless they fix the issues that most people are adressing on the forums and the previews that sites are giving.
  5. While your at it, also fix the camera and controls for the pc.
  6. Make the camera and controls like Diablo-Sacred-Torchlight-Previous Dungeon Siege Games. Auto-win.
  7. The only thing this demo did was getting rid of potentional customers.
  8. First post here hi. I really enjoyed the demo so far and the gameplay is fun. But i must say it needs work on the controls. But since its out 17th of june, they probably wont work on it and i probably wont get the game untill it gets cheaper in a few months.
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