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  1. Aside from the multiplayer issues, this would be the single biggest improvement to the game for me. On the PC, the camera would be much easier to control with a WASD control scheme. Think The Witcher 2. Overall, the combat mechanics of DS3 are similar, but IMO are held back (on the PC) due to the camera and combat controls (which aren't really that bad IMO, but compared to The Witcher 2 . . . ). That said, it would necessitate a complete rework of the camera and combat controls . . . and I have a feeling the game world isn't built to be viewed from an angle that's not top-down. I'd ass
  2. I think it's harsh to say the game has none of the defining elements of DS1 and 2, because I think the biggest defining element of those games is the art direction. DS3 does an excellent job in that department. I've always been a big PC gamer (never owned a non-handheld console until 2 years ago), so my biggest problem with the game is that it was clearly designed for consoles first and PC second, but that doesn't really impact my enjoyment of the game. I enjoyed DS1 but had some major issues with it. The character development system was boring, mainly due to it being an 'open developme
  3. This is pretty subjective, because I have a very different opinion of DS1. The game had a massive, beautiful map, as you point out. That's the main reason I enjoyed the game on my one playthrough . . . journeying through the various environments was a fantastic audio-visual experience (the sound effects and music were every bit as great as the visuals and art design). But then there was the gameplay itself. Despite having a large party, the strategic combat was underwhelming. So much of the combat was based on having everyone auto-attack, with the player simply picking individual tar
  4. The UI definitely needs some work . . . having to wade through several menu screens to get to where I want to be is irritating. They clearly designed the menus for consoles and didn't rework them much for the PC. The PC controls, though . . . I'm a little mystified at the problems people have had with them. I played the demo pretty much the same way I played Sacred 2. Point and click to move, 'a' and 's' to rotate the camera and space bar for dodging and blocking (rather than for drinking potions in Sacred 2). Worked fine after adjusting to using the right mouse button to move inste
  5. Bringing this topic back up because it's something that seemed kind of vague in the previews I've read. So I'm right in thinking that this game won't control anything like NWN2? I was hoping that we'd have at least some sort of option for direct control of the other party members in single-player. Being able to control the entire party was a big factor for me in preferring NWN2 to the original (though the story was probably the biggest fator). In the gameplay footage I've seen, the player character is actively dodging quite often, so it looks to me like there will only ever be direct co
  6. Well, from a single-player perspective, I loved DS2 whereas DS1 basically just impressed me with its pretty graphics. The combat and very basic freeform class leveling systems got monotonous after a while. (I tend to dislike freeform leveling systems, though.) Skill trees (which I believe are not going to feature in DS3) IMO, are a lot more fun because you're always working towards something. Knowing where you're going to place your next skill points makes it boring? Seriosuly? If the choices are extremely limited, maybe you're right, but I remember the skill trees being pretty extensive
  7. Well, the thing about Sacred 2 was that it looked absolutely beautiful when zoomed out, but the further you zoomed in, the worse it looked, even with the high-res textures. A lot of these screenshots are from a closer viewpoint, and I think they still look quite good.
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