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  1. Might I make a suggestion... ? Despite whatever differences in opinion some of us may have, and regardless of your opinion of BioWare, should you want a place to discuss NWN2 freely, you may go to www.nwn2news.net and discuss the issues at length... no fear of reprisal from either camp, as we are independent from both BioWare and Obsidian. Likewise, for live discussions, you can visit our IRC server... irc.nwn2news.net:6667 That's irc.nwn2news.net for the server, port 6667... this is for IRC clients (such as mIRC and XChat)... if you want to use the Java applet, you can find it here.
  2. Heh.. that should bring things back into perspective... some folks are just now getting to the party. Having had each (OC, SoU, HotU) on the release date, NWN's been on my hard drive for years now. It's refreshing to see new blood. As for the game, I'd recommend you start with a new character when you play SoU. That PC will carry on through HotU. The character in the OC won't be conducive to that... it will be too high in level to enjoy it. IMO, SoU+HotU is what the OC should have been.
  3. I'm glad you find us so entertaining. :cool:
  4. Wait till you see the forums today.... Polls serve a purpose... but sometimes it can get silly. How about a forum JUST for polls..? Restrict them to devs/mods in the rest... if a poll is particularly interesting, it could always be moved.
  5. Heh... I knew it.. :cool: You just have to know where to look.. That's true... it's always what the DM and PC's make out of it. I think the argment with what is or is not "canon" really has to do with what a licensed product can or can not contain. With NWN and NWN2 being licensed products, they should fit within the core rules and sources (FRCS, PGtF, RoF, etc.) One of the reasons I liked HotU so much was because it tied the story into a current event happening in the Realms. It didn't, however, alter the course of events such as the OC did -- eg. Klauth dead, Neverwinter's thaw, etc.
  6. Here's some of the details regarding the Plane of Shadow.. The cosmology of Toril is likened to a tree with many branches, with the prime material, ethereal and shadow planes forming the trunk.
  7. They haven't changed it... they are two seperate crystal spheres, with uniquely different cosmologies. Greyhawk uses the standard one from the core books, Faerun's is much, much different. One thing they have highlighted (starting in 3e) is how difficult it is to travel from FR to another cyrstal sphere (ie Greyhawk).. there is only one or two ways to do it... and it's a dangerous trek. IIRC, only the Shadow plane can be used... too tired to look it up right now.
  8. Actually, IIRC, WotC salvaged TSR. After Gygax's nasty divorce, his ex-wife ran TSR into the ground. Were it not for WotC, we probably wouldn't have D&D today. As far as content goes... I think a lot of the materials are of quite high quality. Not everything is a smashing success, but overall, both 3e and 3.5e have been well received. WotC being purchased by Hasbro did introduce some new issues. Hasbro appears to be somewhat reluctant to release material that may be questionable, but WotC did manage to eek out Vile Darkness and Exhalted Deeds (both had a "Mature Audience" warning sticker on them.) Bring back Gygax? Perhaps... if he could cooperate with the others. He does need to realize it's beyond his own vision now... it's a much greater thing. Though I do think he could be an asset. Greenwood is definately an asset which WotC needs to hold on to; his vision is what brought AD&D back from the brink, and keeps D&D popular. I can go to my local bookstores and buy any core book, and often others currently in print. If they don't have it, they can certainly order it. However, I tend to support my local "mom and pop" store... they tend to stock all of them. Of course, some of them are getting a little too into WH2k, but that's my opinion (I don't use miniatures, but have toyed with the idea of using them for PnP.) Also, don't forget that Gygax wasn't the sole creator of D&D... there were several involved. Perhaps regrouping the originals (Gygax, Arneson), alongside those who re-popularized it (Greenwood, Wyatt, Cook), would be quite beneficial, perhaps even extremely interesting. Who knows? I've heard Arneson speak numerous times.. and he always seemed amicable towards WotC and Gygax alike. If anything, the animosity appeared to be directed towards those involved in the fall of TSR (or 'T$R' as it was mocked as.) IIRC, Arneson lives in my area.. it'd be interesting to see what he thought of NWN, and our arguments about the direction NWN2 should take.
  9. I suspect we'll be be seeing more of those areas in future WotC releases. Note that the Unapproachable East (the area bordering Kara Tur) has been out for a while, and the Shining South just came out.
  10. It's not that they stayed on the same continent, rather that they stayed in the same few regions... all on the left hand side of my map. Of course, SoU and HotU did explore a bit, but there are so many other areas. Dalelands, Cormyr, Silver Marches, Cormanthor, The High Forest, Moonshae Isles, and so on. And then there are the other continents..
  11. Yep, WotC own it. It's the original D&D setting. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They also own FR, lock, stock and barrel. (Where did that term come from? Hmm... after pondering for a minute.. sounds like a description of a gun.) Anyways, Grewhawk was created by Gygax, Faerun was greated by Greenwood. Both have been significantly shaped by others... Cook, Wyatt, et. al.
  12. At least I'm not alone... I've been noticing it for several weeks now. At first, I thought it might be edits, nope. Then I thought it might be polls, that didn't pan out either. Honestly, I can't see any reason for it. Sometimes, everything becomes 'marked read'... only a few hours later to revert back.
  13. I find it hard to believe a city with 100,000 people wouldn't have anyone playing PnP. If your local bookstores don't carry them, check your local comic book and/or scifi/fantasy stores (the ones that carry anime, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Stargate, etc. paraphenallia), as most of them carry gaming supplies. It's also the place where us PnP geeks tend to run into one another.
  14. I'll bet it's the polls.... everytime someone votes, it gets bumped back to the top. Perhaps there's a way to have polls not be counted as a "last action"? Maybe it's just me, but when I see the little 'new post' indicator, I'm looking for new posts, not new votes in the attached poll. [Edit] Well.. tested that theory out too.. and it didn't seem to effect things. I have no idea what to make of it...
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