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  1. Okay, so all I know about the Codex is a horrible first impression (the first thing I saw when I looked over there was some abhorrent post advocating mandatory euthanasia for handicapped people) and the things I hear here (and this place is not unbiased), so I recognize that I may have jumped the gun. However, and I mean no offense with this, but this post strikes me as horrendously apologetic. The amount of arguments that essentially boil down to "sure, it's kind of true, BUT there are good things too!" is strikingly painful. Despite trying to convince that the Codex isn't as bad as people here say it is, most of this post actually just confirms it instead but just adds "well, it gets better if you get through the outer layer of crap and know the tricks." Again, I mean no offense, but you're not really accomplishing what you say you want to. It's not very inspiring to give the Codex as a second chance at all, quite the opposite really. Re-reading my post, I can see what you mean. Don't really know how to reword it honestly. I never meant to give a 'Its kind of true' vibe, since its flat out not true, to be quite honest. I guess I can only direct people to whatever admiral jimbob and jaesun (on page 2) said. Since I can't edit my earlier post, I'll just say it here. The codex is pretty much like any other site. It has its share of idiots and smart people, the people there have games they like and dislike. Thats it pretty much. I don't see why both the codex and other sites that know about it try to portray it as anything else but that.
  2. I don't get this perception that the codex hates everything new. Witcher 2 received favorable opinions and is accepted as a good (if not great) game, though it did start some heated and intelligent debate on whether it was actually an RPG with C&C. Considering how vocal and prevalent he is, its easy to think Metalcraze embodies the codex, but his 'everything is ****' gimmick isn't taken seriously by anyone. Even the new users are pretty much told that MC has no idea what hes going on about (most of the time, anyway, he likes ARMA2 which is definitely a great FPS). General discussion is a bit offensive, true. But the vast majority of racists and weirdos are mostly being offensive for the sake of it. Very few people actually are real nazis or whatever else you think they are. True, to a new registered user like myself, it was difficult to separate the lulz from the real crazies, but once I bothered to look beyond the surface, it became easy enough to tell who was which. In anycase, beyond some shockingly offensive stuff and in-jokes, GD can be ignored. In terms of general gaming and RPG discussion, the codex is only as offensive as you are. If you rush in laughing at them 'oldfags' and talking about how awesome oblviion or dragon age 2 is, you're pretty much asking for the stereotypical codex (or NMA) reaction to happen to you. If you politely ask them what they find wrong in Oblivion and maybe even give some examples of what you think it did right, you'll get some intelligent posters telling you just that. True, you are nearly guaranteed to have at least one idiot rush in and insult you and considering the topic I've just given, Mastermind will most likely come up with some insane Oblivion defense that riles up the other guys, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that these guys aren't as offensive, close-minded or rude as people make them out to be. If you don't want to join, thats understandable. But to perpetuate the negative stereotype that the codex is some neo-nazi-racist hivemind that lives in a pre-2000 world is pretty much wrong in every way. I'm not the most articulate guy on the codex and I'm certainly not a very intelligent one. I'm not really a long time user either, having joined up in 2010. But I hope this post does in someway break down the stereotype that the codex is no a place for serious gaming discussion.
  3. Shotguns were pretty useful for me, but damn the SMGs were terrible. Maybe I'm not using them right, but even with maxed out skill and a fully modded gun, it took quite a few bullets to take down one enemy, more so for armored guys. None of the other guns (pistol included) took this many shots. Also, I'm going to go on a limb here and guess that the embassy email is based on how many MARINES survive. I say this because I conserved as many marines as possible (excluding those 2 that always die in the explosion) while pumping as many bullets into the enemies as possible and got a minimum casualties email from Albatross.
  4. It gets more hilarious than that. Bypassing the final stage's alarms and keypads requires you to find 6 'lines'. In comparison, the final mission in Taipei had alarms that required TEN lines to bypass, in the same time. Also, despite my poor eyesight, I honestly had no problems with the hacking mini-game. Those skills that reduce difficulty help in a big way too.
  5. Moscow ties with TP, but I voted for Moscow in the end. Rome was....ok, I guess.
  6. I liked Moscow's Safehouse but Taipei comes a close second in that regard and has better missions, so I guess its TP for me. Rome was good, I guess, but both safehouse and mission wise, I found it slightly less entertaining than the other two.
  7. Either Mike, or a new protagonist. I wouldn't mind Sis as the protagonist, but I don't have arguments for or against it.
  8. Mina, Surkov, Brayko, Sis, Albatross, Heck and Grigori would be my favorite characters. As far as conversations go, I enjoyed every single one with Leland and of course, everything to do with Heck.
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