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  1. Okay, so all I know about the Codex is a horrible first impression (the first thing I saw when I looked over there was some abhorrent post advocating mandatory euthanasia for handicapped people) and the things I hear here (and this place is not unbiased), so I recognize that I may have jumped the gun. However, and I mean no offense with this, but this post strikes me as horrendously apologetic. The amount of arguments that essentially boil down to "sure, it's kind of true, BUT there are good things too!" is strikingly painful. Despite trying to convince that the Codex isn't as bad as people he
  2. I don't get this perception that the codex hates everything new. Witcher 2 received favorable opinions and is accepted as a good (if not great) game, though it did start some heated and intelligent debate on whether it was actually an RPG with C&C. Considering how vocal and prevalent he is, its easy to think Metalcraze embodies the codex, but his 'everything is ****' gimmick isn't taken seriously by anyone. Even the new users are pretty much told that MC has no idea what hes going on about (most of the time, anyway, he likes ARMA2 which is definitely a great FPS). General discussion i
  3. Shotguns were pretty useful for me, but damn the SMGs were terrible. Maybe I'm not using them right, but even with maxed out skill and a fully modded gun, it took quite a few bullets to take down one enemy, more so for armored guys. None of the other guns (pistol included) took this many shots. Also, I'm going to go on a limb here and guess that the embassy email is based on how many MARINES survive. I say this because I conserved as many marines as possible (excluding those 2 that always die in the explosion) while pumping as many bullets into the enemies as possible and got a minimum ca
  4. It gets more hilarious than that. Bypassing the final stage's alarms and keypads requires you to find 6 'lines'. In comparison, the final mission in Taipei had alarms that required TEN lines to bypass, in the same time. Also, despite my poor eyesight, I honestly had no problems with the hacking mini-game. Those skills that reduce difficulty help in a big way too.
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