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  1. 10 dollars on "you don't get headshots even though you are trying to aim at the head aka rpg mechanics" Agreed. That argument is irritating beyond belief. Many of those who are making that argument also seem to believe that being able to carry a 30 pound sniper rifle, 20-25 pound LMG, ammo for both, frag/flash grenades, body armor, and com equipment while being capable of firing a single round from the hip and smoking a target in the head at 125 yards while running at top speed is "realistic". Not to mention a trio of rounds from an M-16 to the chest being less lethal than a random knife hit to a limb or one-handing aforementioned LMG or sniper rifle while using the said knife. I've said this elsewhere on these boards, but I feel many of the shooting mechanics in AP take into account mistakes that can be made when shooting in real life. I'm an avid pistol and rifle shooter, however my having the sights on a target does not guarentee a hit. I could snatch the trigger, flinch, or any number of little mistakes that translate into a clean miss. And this is standing still on a range with no bullets flying in my direction. Add in the stress of being in a gunfight, movement, etc, and you've got a recipe for making misses unless you spend a LOT of time training and practicing.
  2. This is probably my favorite game. I've bought other games in the last couple months (Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and a couple others) but I keep coming back to AP. I will say that the only really frustrating things I've encountered are laggy gameplay (very likely my computer's fault. It's a low-mid range laptop, not a dedicated gaming rig) and a pain in the *** bug during one of the missions (see the PC Support forum for details. It broke the game for myself and others... literally.)
  3. Has the issue been patched yet or are we still having to rely on winkle? (Not that I'm unappreciative.)
  4. It's been a while but I have to say is that the key to taking down Brayko (or any of the bosses) is using your strengths to your advantage and adapting if you end up in a bad situation. My first playthrough was as the stealth preset build and while I did get owned at first, I just kept refining my tactics until I found something that works. The hardest "boss" fight in my estimation is trying to protect Surkov, but that has nothing to do with my build and everything with him being a complete moron; running head-long into weapons fire and not taking cover at all. One time the idiot actually ran TOWARDS the incindiary grenade minefield I'd set up during a shadow op...
  5. Albatross- 25 Conrad Marburg- 0 (-1) *ties marburg to his bombs and pushes the button* Henry Leland -19 You're next you corporate ***** Konstantin Brayko- 17 Omen Deng- 27 SIE- 28 (+1) Not just a cougar, but a cougar with an M60 FTW Scarlet Lake- 27 Sis- 27 Steven Heck- 21 STILL waiting for deails on Operaton: YEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!
  6. I'm on my second playthrough but I'm the type to rarely rely on gadgets. The only exceptions are first aid, regular 'nades and incindiary 'nades. I found that the nades helped me out when defending Surkov and again when assaulting Brayko's mansion. To deal with Brayko, I chainshot him with pistol, switched to SMGs with bullet storm and kept spraying him til the cool down timer on chainshot ran out. Rinse and repeat. My only bitch is that I'm a stealth-oriented player and using many of the gadgets seem to blow your cover faster than firing an un-suppressed pistol shot.
  7. Albatross- 22 Conrad Marburg- 7 (-1) For being a complete asshat. Henry Leland- 19 Konstantin Brayko- 17 Omen Deng- 26 SIE- 26 (+1) "Michael needs someone who can help him, little girl. You, not so much." (said to Mina during the embassy mission) Sis- 27 Steven Heck- 21
  8. I agree. SIE is my favorite female character, but I've always had a weakness for the crazy Amazon-ish women of a video game. Sis is my second favorite since she kicked my *** worse than Brayko did on my first playthrough. XD The only female character I didn't like was Madison since I have precisely ZERO patience for damsels in distress, I mean if you're playing a sociopath Mike, she shows she can take care of herself (hits you in the head then blasts you with a shock trap) but then she turns into a complete wuss around Marburg. At least when SIE gets captured, I can see her making Brayko's thugs work for it at least...
  9. One thing that I've noticed is that early on a stealth approach using a knife is more reliable/faster than waiting for the headshot with a pistol/AR until I can get the proper skill points invested in weapons skills.
  10. Two most memorable moments in the game for me: Busting into Brayko's mansion with a VCI Stryker (and the aggressive response to Leland's question regarding said incident) and the romance scene with SIE.
  11. I'm still on my first playthrough and I've mainly allied with SIE/VCI because I don't really trust G22. I know that the VCI works with Halbeck and they're paid to do so which seems pretty straightforward; thus they are predictable in that fashion. (BTW, driving through the gates of Brayko's Mansion with a Stryker is pure awesome in my book, despite my focus on stealth). I just don't get why a group like G22 who, as SIE said "are like ghosts (but die like insects)", are so willing to attempt all-out assaults such as at the Embassy. About the only time I saw them pull off a proper ambush was on the yacht (minus their failure to eliminate Mike, of course).
  12. Kantian ethics? Please not Kant. Give me Sartre! I didn't do much of a moral analysis while i was playing either. When it was kill or be killed, i shot normal rounds. When i could help it, non-lethal. I didn't mean to bring up Kant but I'd just gotten out of an argument over ethics with a pain in the *** relative. I'm what one would call a "modified egoist" in that I take care of myself and those close to me first. If I have the chance to help someone, I will, but me and mine come first.
  13. I know, i'm not saying she's being illogical, i'm saying that answering lawbreakers with lawbreaking is. Mina being a human can just deny that what she's agreeing to is "wrong" (i do think killing people without a trial is wrong but if you disagree, let's just assume it is for argument's sake) and do it anyways. She sets the moral line at a certain point and says "it's cool to kill mafia but not to kill marines" and that's it. Like you say, the reason isn't illogical. My illogical thing was just answering what some guy said about killing mafia scumbags or something The way I see it is the triads/mafia/Al Samad are enemy combatants and if they try to kill me and I kill them instead, then tough ****. The Marines and CIA personnel are doing their jobs and they ARE allies despite your rogue status. That said, I did start killing the soldiers when I infiltrated the Greybox because they were clearly enemies at that point. This may be a simplistic view, but since this is an espionage game and not a game revolving around Kantian ethics, I don't dwell on it too much.
  14. Alan Parker- 6 Albatross- 16 Ali Shaheed- 6 (-1) Real tough guy, blowing up a civvy airliner. Conrad Marburg- 10 Grigori Pazinhov- 3 Henry Leland- 11 Hong Shi- 11 Konstantin Brayko- 14 Mina Tang- 8 Omen Deng- 18 Ronald Sung- 6 SIE- 18 (+1) She can ravage me while I'm tied to a gurney any time she wants. It's not rape if you're willing. Scarlet Lake- 19 Sis- 21 Steven Heck- 19 Yancy Westridge- 3
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