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  1. 10 dollars on "you don't get headshots even though you are trying to aim at the head aka rpg mechanics" Agreed. That argument is irritating beyond belief. Many of those who are making that argument also seem to believe that being able to carry a 30 pound sniper rifle, 20-25 pound LMG, ammo for both, frag/flash grenades, body armor, and com equipment while being capable of firing a single round from the hip and smoking a target in the head at 125 yards while running at top speed is "realistic". Not to mention a trio of rounds from an M-16 to the chest being less lethal than a random knif
  2. This is probably my favorite game. I've bought other games in the last couple months (Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and a couple others) but I keep coming back to AP. I will say that the only really frustrating things I've encountered are laggy gameplay (very likely my computer's fault. It's a low-mid range laptop, not a dedicated gaming rig) and a pain in the *** bug during one of the missions (see the PC Support forum for details. It broke the game for myself and others... literally.)
  3. I have a habit of playing unfamiliar games on easy on my first run so I can get used to the controls, mechanics, etc. As for this being an espionage RPG; RL espionage is akin to digging through a steaming bucket of **** and trying to find a diamond and I'm sure there are people who would find such a game boring, hence the action movie feel of AP.
  4. Oh, i'd be pissed if that happened to me :/ Believe me I was ready to give even sociopath Mike a run for his money when it first happened, lol. I'm considering getting the console version (360) just so I won't have to wait for a patch, but having a part-time 8.00/hr job limits my finances as I have to fix some things on my truck; transmission, hanging strap for gas tank, shocks, oil change, new gasket for oil pan, new spark plugs/distributor cap/rotor, etc.
  5. What needs to be fixed there? When trying to ID one of the guards outside the chateau the game completely freezes for some of us. You can zoom in/out and the scope's crosshairs stay locked on the target's head. Can't move away, can't shoot, etc. All it does is give you the guy's name and that's it. I believe Tigranes and another person is helping us get past that part in the PC Support forum.
  6. As long as they have a fix for the Chateau misssion in Rome, I'll be happy...
  7. Why is everyone complaining about the AI? Do you like MGS? If so, then I find the AI of the MGS series (1-3, have yet to play 4) to be completely retarded. A cardboard box moving around on its own or in a place where a box doesn't belong? Just ignore it. Shoot them in the arm with a tranq dart but they don't see the shooter? "Huh... must be my imagination... *THUD*" Until MGS 3, trying to do something other than stealth was a massive pain. I can keep going. I don't consider myself an AP fanboy since I was getting ****ed off every time it got delayed and was a bit disappointed with its apparent
  8. Regarding the UC .50: there is a cartridge out there that is .50 cal and doesn't require a huge pistol like the Deagle. It's the .50 GI made by Guncrafter Industires; bascically it's a typical .45 round fattened up to .50 caliber and will fit in any pistol frame big enough for the .45. Not exactly an efficient design, though. I would have liked to have seen the Samael 9mm look more like the Israeli Jericho 941 (aka Baby Eagle) instead of the Five-seveN pistol, but that's just me being nitpicky. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a gun nut, and not ashamed to admit it.
  9. Doesn't help that their "Samael 9mm" is the FN Five-seveN pistol... not the best weapon around. I wind up running the Hamilton .45 since it's the M&P45 that Smith and Wesson makes or the "Ritterguppen 5.7" because it's a Glock. I'm just one of those nit-pickers, though.
  10. Regarding the gunplay aspects: I'm a shooting enthusiast and can honestly say the shooting in AP seems to be more realistic than most games I've played (Modern Warfare comes to mind with someone being able to unload 7 Desert Eagle rounds at a target inside of 2.5 seconds....). To hit a target, whether it's at 5 meters or 50 meters requires that one aims properly and squeezes the trigger properly. Other factors apply such as fatigue, adrenaline, breathing, etc. I've personally had it happen when shooting that I aimed for a headshot at a target on the range, but wound up with an upper torso/neck
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