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  1. That's one person. On a sub of 32 thousand people, with wildly varying opinions on this matter, ranging from boycotting Obsidian, to supporting Obsidian over this. That doesn't seem fair to generalize that entire group over the posts of one person. There are idiots everywhere.
  2. Just because someone is more insane, doens't mean it's ok to be slightly less insane. I am disappointed too with the whole thing, but if this is all it takes for some people to go ballistic on Obsidian, well then how they are better than the people who started it? This is rather detracting from my point: Twitter users are often crazy and post crazy things, and one should look before jumping in feet first. This was a critical mistake on Sawyers part, IMO. EDIT: As you can see in post 20, those are the sort of things the person who complained to Sawyer posts. Not the sort really wor
  3. The lesson to be learned here is that Twitter users are largely insane and should be considered carefully before interacting with. Judging by the subsequent immature, heated and self entitled attitudes we got here yesterday.... One could say the same about gamers Nosmirc. Not really. The posts here have nothing on some of the insane Twitter users out there. One of my personal favourites was the guy joking about hanging white men being used as pinatas, right after Robin Williams hung himself. Who even thinks that, let alone posts it on Twitter?
  4. The lesson to be learned here is that Twitter users are largely insane and should be considered carefully before interacting with. The person who Tweeted at JE tweets crazy stuff all the time, and makes no effort to hide the fact that they're a hardcore misandrist, and seems to be consistently offended at stuff. This is not the sort that you should be listening to. Twitter, man, I don't know what it is, but it makes people post crazy stuff all the time, with their real names no less! Truly a strange thing to behold. Anyways, this nonsense shouldn't have left Twitter. It should have stayed
  5. Got some other idiotic words to include there? Come on, I know you want to say them. Here, I'll help: -neckbeard -virgin -white cis male ****lord -wailing man baby There, now you can stop being a condescending jerk.
  6. They just happened to delete the one that was causing all the controversy? I have a bridge to sell you, just north of Defiance Bay. Top condition. But seriously, Sawyer, STOP LISTENING TO NUTCASES ON TWITTER.
  7. As someone who didn't follow the KS campaign at all, and only bought the game when it was released, this confused the hell out of me. Thought I was missing something, that there was something special that happens with those NPCs. Now I know: just optional reading.
  8. And lets not forget the fun times in the basement of the ruined Eothas temple. Or all the demented things that happened with the Hollowborns. More then a few families ended horribly because of them. There's a lot of dark and disturbing stories in this game, and that's just the first bit. Honestly, if someone is that easily offended by a stupid limrick, this game might not be right for them. Just saying!
  9. But they don't speak for the entirely of that group of people. There are LGBT that are perfectly fine with it, some have even posted in this thread stating such. And when you look at the histories of some of these objectors, they're largely just looking for stuff to get mad at. So it makes little sense to pander to them. Especially since it opens Obsidian to more harassment to pressure them to change other things. There are distinct cons that are quite possible here, and standing up to bullies who try to force developers to change their content (be it from them or their backers) is somethi
  10. Another for the "don't remove it" camp. It's pretty simple. Those objecting to this are a very small minority. They can be very loud because of Twitter, but that's all they are, loud. One of the big perks of kickstarter is not being beholden to a publisher, and being free to put whatever you want into your game. So Obsidians actions at this point are significant. They remove it, they demostrated that these noisy individuals have sway over them. They'll start to demand more and more and more. They'll find something else to be offended about, I assure you of this. It will never end, they
  11. I personally have ran the game with two PS3 controllers, but simply just plugging a PS3 controller into your PC won't suffice. You need specific drivers and software to get them to work correctly. I'm using a program called Motioninjoy ( http://www.motioninjoy.com/ ), which has performed flawlessly for this purpose, since it can emulate the 360 gamepad, which makes jumping into a game designed with the gamepad in mind a quick and easy affair.
  12. Kudos to that guy. For successfully trolling not only users, but several internet gaming sites. Bravo. I thought it was obvious it was a hoax. All they did was come up with a lie about the game (unhappy dev! That's believable right?), sprinkle some truthiness on it, and bam, you have a troll. It's sad this hoax was so successful. Various sites really should reexample how they do things, as this is about as unprofessional as one gets. This doesn't even count as a rumor. It's like like they knew someone on the inside who's giving them info. It's not even "A friend of a friend says this"
  13. I would guess the reason why console games appear to 'blow' PC games out of the water is a concious choice on the part of the developer. Ramping up the graphics can be pretty expensive, and if the lowest setting is too high, you'e just limiting your customer base. In terms of potential, PCs will always be ahead of any console, thanks to the ability to upgrade components. Consoles are stuck until the next gen of consoles come out. But noone really wants to exceed the PC's current limits. It would potentially limit accessiablity to the game.
  14. I personally thought the minigames were some of the best ones to date. They made sense logically (as logical as a ficitional representation of hacking and rewiring gets anyways) And I love how time doesn't pause when you do them (unlike, say, Fallout 3..."Wait guys, I need to pick this real quick, then tap at the turret control for a sec, kay?") Don't get how locks have alarms on them and EMPs effect them (Come on, they're not even electronic locks...and it's a crappy wooden door for crying out loud!), but that's a bit of a minor thing. The best part is that they're largely optional
  15. *Delurks* How in any form is that a fair comparison? By that measure, most games have poor graphics because they still don't measure up to Crysis. That's like saying your family sedan is worse then a speedster. The thing is, they accomplish different goals. One is to go crazy (and impractically) fast *Crysis*, the other is meant to accomodate a family *AP*. Just like not every car needs to match speed of an F1, not all games have to meet Crysis level of detail, especially when you have static hardware considerations to account for (ie Consoles). Furthermore, by having a lower level of
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