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  1. I trusted her since the start. She might've been using you at first but I belive she developes real feeling for Mike . BTW What is her secret fact?
  2. He totally did two chicks at once lol xD I really wish that he works for some kind of super spy international agency ( he even mentions Global Monitoring Centre at the endgame) because that could be a nice plot for AP2 And even though he seems like a freelancer he trades for favours not cash He is most awsome male character in the game
  3. So you need to 'bed' her in order to get the info out hmmm I don't think I'll be going for this option on my second playthrough then
  4. +1 Reputation Thanks ! lol I've hated how she changed in Dreamfall but I guess the change was reasonable (unlike Liara from ME to ME2 ). Lets hope that Dreamfall Chapters come out soon and that April is alive and back to her old self P.S. Are you the same virumor from Bioware Social ? On topic: I see that most of the people find that Scarlet fits the role of his woman best but I think Mina is just better because she's been there for you since the very start (*spoiler* Even though she is partialy responsible for the mess you went through). And it seems to me that she is more likely to be genuinely in love with Mike while Scarlet is a bit more like one night stand with secret agent I guess it fits in more with James Bond style of character
  5. Mina all the way <3 I don't think I've fallen in love with a female character so much since Liara from Mass Effect and April Ryan from The Longest Journey
  6. The chances of a sequel are ... slim. Very sad ... the not so good reviews might motivate the dev team to step it up for the next one but if the sales won't be good (partialy due to reviews) then it is unlikely that Sega will invest in something that has given them little to no profit ... A shame really because the game has a ridiculously high potential ... If it got more polished and tested for bugs better It would've been as good or better than Mass Effect. If they improved the shooter mechanics, stealth + cover it could be a GOTY contender Lets hope the sequel gets made and reaches the true potential of original Awsome story needs awsome and polished gameplay ... the former was not delivered but still a good try for their first TPS!
  7. Could be a really nice plot for AP2 joinning the GMC which could be like Alpha Protocol but runs completely on its own with NO goverment knowladge or oversight (Even though AP was covert it seemed like everyone and their mother knew it exists). It could be an international Agency that tries to keep the balance in the world and only employs the best agents from around the globe (such as Steven Heck lol) so after Mike saved the world from WW3 in AP they approach him and propose him a place in the agency. It seems likely because if Mike was a good guy (didn't join or take over Halbech) his past life is destroyed with AP. He is gonna be a rogue agent forever. (atleast that's what I get from the ending) But with the poor reviews and possibly low sales chances of a sequel are slim. But I still wish they make another one so they can improve the gameplay so it can match the awsome story!
  8. Hmmm I must have missed out a computer or intel case somewhere. So is GMC a joke or is he actually contacting them ? lol
  9. Thanks ! So Steven is just a freelancer then. I could swear that when he comes for you at the endgame I can hear him and Mike say something about ''Global Monitoring Centre'' but I can never hear it properly, I need to turn my speakers to max volume next time Anyway thanks for the screenies ! About Marburg I tried taunting him but the dossier option never came up with him ... I belive I have his dossier at 60%. Scarlet secret fact can also be unlocked if you save her at the endgame, She tells you that she took the shot but I don't know if it depends on the relationship but I had her at 10. @surreal Wasn't her involvment with NSA and spying on Alpha Protocol just a normal part of the dossier?
  10. I just finished my first playthrough ... I have to say I love this game but also hate it. Well actualy I hate Obsidian for not being able to make Alpha Protocol reach its true potential, It still a good try at their first Third-person shooter but this game could've been as good as Mass Effect if they polished it and it would've reached ME2's epic level if it was executed better. Good points: + Awsome story and replay value( choices really matter in this game! It can branch out so much it's hard to get your head around). Ending is soo amazing the tension is incredible but maybe a little to overwhelming. I need to play it a few more times to figure everything out. + Characters (Mina <3) + Dialogue + Atmosphere + Email's (although I wish they've expanded on them) + Inteligence gathering + Mini games ( even though they're hard ... took me 20 minutes to figure out how to hack sucessfully lol) + Multiple ways in which you can approach the missions + Gadgets and Upgrades + Martial Arts and stealth takedowns Now for the negatives: - Game feels very clunky - Slowdowns when using clearinghouse - Many unrealistic things (padlock that triggers an electronical alarm wtf! Some enemies can survive multiple headshoots, overpowered bosses, skill that allows invisibility, glowing effects when using buffs) - Animations (apart from martial arts and stealth takedowns) - Shooter mechanics - Cover system - Stealth mechanics - Camera control - Controls durning mini-games - Checpoint save system ( WTF! Are we back in 90's?) - Disappearing bodies in a game with stealth ... - General lack of polish and many bugs I'd give it 7.5/10 I'd give Mass Effect 8.5/10 I'd give Mass Effect 2 9.5/10 I'd give Dragon Age:Origins 8/10 The joy of living as an Agent and uncovering a massive conspiracy was enough to get me hooked. The story by itself is worth it! The story and the whole idea of espionage is what makes the game amazing but the way it is executed is very poor. If executed better it could've ended up being a contender for 2010 best rpg against ME2 and one of the best rpg's in history, That was my short summary review <<<I pasted this of my reply to Alpha Protocol topic on Bioware Social Site>>>
  11. Hi guys I'm new to the forums and here is my very first post and topic. I'm totally in love with AP! The gamplay is medicore at best but is fun anyway. The story on the other hand is awsome and the choices that you make finally have consequences But to the point of the topic. I've made it because AP has so many different choices, variables and outcomes that it will take ages before someone will work out every possible outcome. So let's share out intel on characters in game and story outcomes! So I have a few questions that can start us off: 1) So who is Steven Heck? He does seem to be a real agent and Henry Leland mentioned him but didn't reveal anything... does anyone have 100% dossier on him + the secret fact? If so who does he work for? 2) Did anyone get Secret fact on Mina? and can you confront her about NSA before she is captured durning the endgame? 3) How can you find out that Madison is Parker's daughter? 4) How can you obtain 100% dossier on Marburg? Do you need 100% to kill him in the museum? and how can you get him to convert to your side? 5) How can you confront Westridge at the endgame? Do you need 100% dossier? 6) What happens if you choose to download files instead of contacting and outsmarting Parker? Short summary of my playthrough: Saudi Arabia: - Arrested Nasri - Arrested Shaheed (so he ended up being dead) Moscow: - Professional with Grigory - Sided with SIE at trainyard but stayed neutral with her and never contacted her again - Destroyed weapons at trainyard - Didn't kill Sis - Allied with G22 - Killed US marines at embassy - Didnt kill Brayko - Saved Albatross - Let Surkov live Taipei: - Good relationship with Steven Heck (7) - Erased his files form NSB( NBS ? ) database - Good ralationship with the triad boss (5) + found out he lied about the defectors - Got data on assasination insted of riots - President survvived assasination - Deng is allive and ok relationship Rome: - Did not use leathal force against CIA - Pulled out and didn't snipe the Al Samad guy - Met Marburg, been professional - Met Madison and have been nice to her - Infiltrated Villa with Mina's help instead of Madison - Identified the russian that was tortured, got spotted by police - Defused the bombs and Madison got killed - Marburg escaped (Relationship 9) Endgame: - Slept with Mina ( ohhhh yeaaah ) - Told her to hide - Conntacted Steven - Conntacted Albatross - Gave Scarlett the data, didn't stay over - Refused to join Halbech - Conntacted Parker and told him about the flaws in his plan - Freed Scarlett and she assisted me - Saved Mina - Executed Leland - Did not meet Westridge Random things: - Romanced Mina - Sent Scarlett all the data I had - Played as Freelancer/Spy stealth and mostly used stealth takedowns or hand to hand combat P.S. Sorry for my english ... it sucks because it's not my first language
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