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  1. I've never seen anyone from development comment on any of these posts. This Multiplayer issue has been going on since the first builds of this game when it came out in early access. I laughed out loud when Steam suggested that I nominate this game for the "Better with Friends" category for the annual Steam Awards. I would nominate it if it worked for more than 5-15 minutes in multiplayer. As it stands now I don't play this game anymore, neither do my friends or my kids. It's just frustrating. At this point I leaving a negative review on the Steam review and moving on to another game. MAYBE if they post some news or updates that specifically address the multiplayer issues I might have another go at it. But not till then.
  2. Yeah, Multiplayer is broken. High ping, constant disconnects, inability to join unless the host reboots/reloads. The shared worlds sounds good in theory. But is broken in reality. You can't save a backup. If they mess it up, as they have done multiple times now, you are the one that looses out. Hours if not days and weeks of progress all lost. No way to get it back. This game really needs a private dedicated server option. Host your own games, make backups of your world & saves and play as you like.
  3. Yeah high ping and general network issues are really bad in this game. If you try and play with more than 2 players you get constant disconnecting, and eventually are unable to rejoin until the host reboots. Unfortunately its been this way since the early beta and through the early access. They have had several patches that listed they had fixes specifically for multiplayer issues. But none of them have ever fixed the issue. It has not really made any difference whatsoever.
  4. I've seen several posts with others complaining that he is not in the Oak lab, Outside the Oak lab, stuck in the floor/walls, etc... Seems something broke with his wandering or placement in the Oak labs.
  5. This has been a major issue since the beta & early access. Playing from the same network/LAN seems to just make the issue worse. They had a couple patches in the Early Access that were supposed to fix issues for players on a LAN but they never helped. Same with this most recent retail patch that was stated to address the same issues. It's is really unfortunate because this game is clearly meant to be played Co-op. We have the same issue in my household. I have five copies of the game and had wanted to alternate playing Co-op with my children. But the games issues just make us all frustrated. So we really don't bother anymore. I had really hoped they would release private dedicated server support so we could just host our own servers and not need to connect to the internet to try and play locally.
  6. Same for me. Either dealing with HIGH PING error. Or constant disconnects. Then the issue moves to not being able to connect at all. So then the host is forced to reboot their game and start over. But then the issues just start up again. It was the same way during the early access/beta.
  7. Yeah. MP is a big pain. Its either very laggy with a HIGH PING message on screen. Or you get constant disconnects. Eventually the disconnects lead to players just not being able to join at all. Then the host needs to reset their game also. Then the cycle just starts all over again. It happened all through the beta/Early Access also. Its a shame they still can't get a handle on it.
  8. I personally think being able to lock items to a specific inventory slot is better. And thus those items would not hot deposit. Locking chests seems counter intuitive to me. What if I have chests that share more than one item. In your example you use smoothies or meals. But say that my chest has apple bits in it along with the smoothie and meals. And I still want the apple bits deposited. But since the chest is locked I can now not hot deposit them. But if in my inventory I simply locked my food and smoothie, but my apple bits were not locked, they could then still deposit.
  9. I completely agree with you. I have wasted so much zipline rope. Its ridiculous.
  10. Yes, there is a Refrigerator in the game. But it's so very late game its practically useless. | It should have been an early tier/game item so that it could properly be used.
  11. This would be really cool. I also think we should be able to tame more things than just Weevil and Aphids. An option to tame many of the neutral bugs would be so awesome. (Ants, Lady Bugs, Firefly, Bee, Moth , Rolly Polly,) Then you could ride any of them, and use them as mules/storage carts. Or in your case, fast/air travel (Bee, Moth, Firefly)
  12. I agree, the bugs health regen is so bad. As soon as they loose agro, BAM full health. Often times, I'm just trying to get some distance to gain some stamina back, or kite them around and then pickup my arrows, or eat some food/bandage. They loose agro and then all my time and effort was wasted.
  13. Yes, This game really just needs the option for private dedicated servers. Give the players the options to host their own dedicated servers. This P2P with a cloud shared save file is crap.
  14. If you remove the stump, it will not grow back. Leaving the stump, it should grow back in a few days or so.
  15. You only need the free Xbox/Microsoft Account to play Multiplayer. It sounds like you should be fine.
  16. +1 I'd love to play this on my Steam Deck also.
  17. I've encountered this too. In my opinion this shared world feature is crap. I feels its a cheap excuse for not making actual dedicated servers. Can anyone think of a co-op survival crafting game that does not have private dedicated servers? I can't. All the ones I have played always have a dedicated server option.
  18. I agree 100%. Needing to move around the map is good. But the names really bother me too.
  19. This has been an issue from day one. I have posed about it on here and on other forums. I have not ever seen the developers mention anything about fixes or work arounds for players attempting to plan LAN or from the same internet connection. It's pretty sad really. In my household we have 5 copies of this game, and we are unable to play it together because of the lag and terrible performance when trying to do so, from the same internet connection.
  20. I think they should just take it back to a more realistic naming. Quartzite, Granite, Micha, Jade, Amethyst, Etc... use real rock & gem names. Or use some of the myriad of other crafting resources that have little or no other use.
  21. I don't agree. All the other resources, crafting items, weapons, tools, building materials are "Grounded" in realistic names. No made up nonsense. If the kids can call grass... grass, pebbles, pebbles, and all the bug parts by their appropriate names... then why would they suddenly call granite, or quartz, "Style Nuggets" and "Rock of Style"?! "Raw Science" can get a pass, as its part of the XP system and tied to the fantasy of technology that allowed the kids to be shrunk. "Style Nuggets" and "Rock of Style" literally are out of place when every other item in the game is named after its real world, backyard counterpart.
  22. And now with the latest patch they have renamed them. The absurdity continues...
  23. +1 I totally agree. This new "Nugget" thing is just silly and feels like it does not fit at all. I mean the old way was a grind, but it fit. It made sense. It was logical. To me this new system is just random, silly nonsense.
  24. Examples here: 1.) Click the name to type a new one. 2.) Icon button is below.
  25. You can manually set a name and icon on the chest. When you are in the Storage Chest click on the name, where it says "Storage Chest" and you can type a new name. Also you should have an option to set the icon. On PC the default key is "F". Similar to how you sent an icon for a marker.
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