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  1. OK, another one: the Ring of Mule's Wit. The immunities to mind afflictions are great. But the -8 Int is brutal. It means -16 Will (brutal) and severe penalties to spell range and duration. Then again, abilities that cause mind afflictions are usually the ones that target Will at the first place, so the Will penalty might not be as severe, I guess? Anytime I think I can find a use for this ring, it turns out I cannot. So, has someone found a use for this item?
  2. I have another question: does any of the offensive invocations get benefits from elemental perk. I checked "Thrice was she wronged..." and it wasn't keyworded as electricity (weird, but maybe that's the reason Chanter's don't get elemental perks), but then again I know the game isn't 100% accurate when it comes to keywords and sometimes omits to add them. Also, does anyone know how the Treasure Throve inventory work? The Wiki suggests there's a random chance to find Pyrite there, but on my 3 trips in the span of an in-game month I was never lucky enough. Now I feel stupid for doing a blind run and not planning my weapons in advance - no Pyrite means I can't upgrades the weapons I really want.
  3. So, it works only with offensive spells? I don't think the description was explicit, but that might solve the mistery - I rarely cast damaging spells with the priest. Is there another restriction? I think I have only ever cast Dismissal, Blessed Harvest and Symbol of Eothas as offensive abilities while Marux was equipped. And never seen it working with any of them (granted, Harvest and Dismissal are insta-kill effects, so the target is dead). Will it work with AoE spells like Wall of Thorns? Will it work with Wael and Woe scrolls? Next run I'll bind it to Vatnir.
  4. I'm nearly at the end of the game (at Forgotten Sanctum, lvl 20 on nearly all companions) and I see abilities that either don't make sense description-wise, or are really weird to use in synergies. I was hoping for someone to change my mind, so I can have fun with new builds during a second playthrough. So, without further ado (I am playing on hardest (not PotD) upscaled, for reference, some things might only make sense for PotD: Mechanics: * Empower - I've barely ever used it. In fact, I've been spending empower points to restore class resources, but have totally forget ten about it once the Cipher got Ancestor's Memory. In what cases should I empower anything? Would empowering Hand of Breath for accuracy be a good use of empower points? * Marux Amanth on a Priest - what does echo do and what do I have to do to procc it? I guess it should re-cast my spell, but never seen it do anything. Barbarian: * Blooded - what is the point? The passive damage bonus is juicy, but why would I want to take the gamble and play on Bloodied or Near Death? How can I even control staying on low health without dying when I view the AoE heal-per-tick effects to be the most reliable way of staying alive? I was thinking I might get a good synergy with the Bloody Links armor and Barring Death's Door, but even then I get 2 or 4 attacks with the buffed damage at the expense of a lvl V and potentially a lvl VI spell (if Salvation of Time is used) which is bad. I would rather cast Champion's Boon on the Barbarian and hope for an over-penetration instead. It also plays terrible with Unflinching and the engagement bonus from Thick Skinned ( I've read somewhere it only works if healthy). * Crushing Blow - it seems terrible, as it has the same effect as Blood Thirst. Barbaric Smash at least has a chance to be free-of -cost finisher. * Vengeful Defeat and other abilities that procc on death - letting a character die in my experience means I've lost the battle either way. I know how to resurrect my characters, but usually, if someone does I'm on the backfoot already and about to lose the party soon anyway. So is there any point in taking on-death abilities? Also, is there a point in taking a resurrection ability when I can use scrolls? Priest: * Barbs of Condemnation - the debuff is identical to Shining Beacon and it targets For instead of Will. Is it fine to learn both? I find that For is typically lower than Will, so it actually has a good chance of hitting. Is it a viable spell (actually looks too good for lvl 1)? * Hearth of the Storm - why do priests even have this? Does it affect anything but Spark the Souls? * Quick summoning - is it worth it if I use only one summoning (Spiritual Ally)? Spiritual Ally has a very long casting time, but still, I'll end up benefiting from Quick Summoning 10% of the time.
  5. I watched a guy soloing the giantt fire construct megaboss with a Monk wielding a single pistol on YouTube the other day. The idea was to generate max resonance and then release it as a massive damage output. I guess (not sure) that hitting was more important than damage in that fight (otherwise I have no idea why he used a single weapon). I guess one-handed weapon can work with pistols/blunderbusses as it negates their inherent accuracy penalty. In the specific case of blunderbuss it might increase wepon DPS by achieving more crits per burst (higher accuracy - more crits) - but I haven't made the math to see whether damage is actually better than dialling firearms.
  6. Allright! I came back from work and with your invaluable help won in two attempts (during the first one the dragon attempted the stun-plunge and when she landed, she de-aggroed and became un-targetable indfinitely). This time I equipped Pallegina with Shattered Vengeance and used the modal to decrease the dragon's Will, then Thick Grew Their Tongues... was able to hit reliably. I managed some interrupts, though I do not know whether they came through Konstanten using Potion of Impediment or the wizard using an Arbalest with modal (or both) or Urdel and Gurdel (who did some serious damage). As a matter of fact, the wizard was the only one to have the necessary modal in the group. Up to this point I've been using War bows - Veilpirecer, St. Omaku and Frostseeker (it gets bonus Penetration from Secrets of Rime - I think it's due to the Community Patch) - as they offer decent damage w/o reloading time; and Ydwin had Pistol and Blunderbuss. I also only had a crappy Exceptional Arbalest, so underpen was guaranteed, but the interrupts seemed to hit. Tattered Veils also hit this time around - I used it from scrolls Vatnir carried around - and I think the difference was that I managed to keep Vatnir inside the AoE of One Dozen Stood - it appers that the dragon was able to Interupt Tattered Veils before (one can't cast while cowering in the corner). The dragon also seems to have a rather intricate AI when it comes to targeting Corrosive Siphon, as it relentlesly attacked the wizard first and then Ydwin when the wizard was out of range. So the wizard cast Arcane Reflection and Ydwin drank a potion of Improved Arcane Reflection - no healing for the dragon. It never seemed to target any of the other 3 Characters, even if they didn't have specific defences up. Yeah, I struggle when it comes to using the Monk properly. But I was planning to roll a Ghost Heart/Troubadour (Sure-Handed Ila + Gunner + Concussive Tranquilizer) for my next playthrough. I'll probably also take The Bride Caught their Ruse... for the extra speed due to Quick Inspiration (despite the steep price, it seems a decent opener).
  7. I'm stuck at a certain dracolich and I need some help on successfully interrupting her (veteran upscaled RTwP). The first encounter on the iceberg was easy enough,but the second one is giving me gray hairs. As you probably know, she has 3 concentration at the start of the fight and high Will and Fortitude. I have Konstanten as a howler and Pallegina as a herald, Ydwin as a rogue/cipher, a SC priest Vatnir and a SC Wizard. Konstanten uses Willbreaker with the modal on to bring Fort low and keeps chanting Thick Grew Tongues/Long Night's Drink on a loop. He also had Interrupting Blows and the Energized chant. However, this does not seem enough to peel away the dracolich's concentration and I cannot interrupt her. To give you a perspective of how the fight goes: Dragon goes down to Hurt, casts Llengrath's Safeguard. I cast Arcane Cleanse, it always hits. The dragon meanwhile casts Corrosive Syphon and it's the most annoying thing ever, as my wizard, Vatnir and Ydwin are all of low base health (due to poor Con). After a while, the dragon is back to 3/4 health and Llengrath is back. I don't have additional casts of Arcane Cleanse. So I need to prevent the Syphon somehow and optionally, the Safeguard as well. What I've tried so far (to a various success): * Thick Grew Their Tongues... * Energized. It should interrupt on a Crit. * Wall of Force - but it seems to do nothing. * Gaze of the Adragan - the dragon is resistant, so it just paralyzes. It still works realiably, albeit for a short time. * At the sound of his voice... - Downgraded to immobilized, so it does nothing * Wall of many colors - it paralyzes the dragon from time to time, but the dragon does not stand in one place. * Wall of Draining - so, it can shorten the Safeguard by 30 secs or so,but the season has to sit on it, which is hard. * Scroll of Insects - it never hit. Not even once. * Trust of Tattered Veils - it either missed, or had no impact. Ideas I haven't tried yet: * I discovered that Thick Grew Their Tongues is checked vs Will, so maybe I should use Shattered Vengeance (club) with modal as well and then stack afflictions. * Drink Potions of Impediment? I've never bothered with them before, are they good? * Chant Soft Winds of Death in hope of dealing more hits/crits with Konstanten? * Warding Staff? It adds pushback. Oh, and it would help if someone can explain whether Thick Grew Their Tongues can cause an interrupt by itself (once the Concentration is peeled away, anyway) or it only peels away concentration and prevents enemies from regaining it? The tooltip is ridiculously unclear about what it does (Immune to Concentration attacks?) Also, does prone bypass enemy Concentration? And finally, are there ways to decrease the damage/draining effects of Corrosive Syphon? Arcane Reflection obviously works,but I can't cast it on everyone.
  8. I follow the British colonial practice of naming lands after real people (be it the one who discovered them, or the royalty that was sitting on the throne at the time). So I ended up with Xotland, The Ederlands, Konstantia, Ishiza, Ruasia, Rekked Lands, Watcher's island, Aloth-of-Sand, Grand Kanaria. Since the wordplay with the names of the other companions does not sound as cool, I add New Yenwood and New Cases Nua for good measure.
  9. Symbol of X is not competing with Dismissal IMO, as it is a "free" spell the Priest always receives and does not cost a precious ability point.
  10. I'm a week or so late, but I just wanted to share my appreciation towards Dismissal. Vessels and Spirits make up 33% of all "creature" (as in non-kith) enemies, which means Dismissal affects a lot of enemies. It also helps that it becomes available at PL 8 and thus has little competition (Crowns and the lighting aura are nothing to write home about). Constructs typically have poor will saves, so Dismissal gets them very often. Currently playing The Beast of Winter and Dissmisal gets the MVP in almost any encounter. Abjuration, however, does not look as cool. Judging from the description, it does not affect vessels, just spirits and summoned creatures (and how often do enemies summon minions, anyway). And the price of 4 zeal is too steep, as I'm the kind of player who always need a pool of zeal for the occasional Greater Lay on Hands or (especially) Liberating Exhortation, which cost 2 zeal each.
  11. What if I don't care about the shield damage, but the on-hit effects like interrupt (Thick grew their tongues+Interruptung blows and some Hit-to-Crit buffs)?
  12. Di verus? Two-handed weapons suddenly became even less appealing. And Two Weapons Style is a passive, so it stacks with Berserk, Vielo Vidorio, Armored Grace and so forth. Oh, the possibilities! Was it the same in PoE 1? I might have missed the chance to optimise Maneha. Bottom line: I think I'm never going to use regular shields again. Edit: how can I steal Magran's shield from Nakateka? A guard stands by it 24/7.
  13. Another (dumb) question, if I may. Does "Two Weapons Style" work with bashing shields (i.e. does it grant recovery bonus if I use a weapon and a bashing shield)?
  14. So, I somehow managed to accumulate 26 hours of playtime in 2 days (my boss is going to be mad). A third of that was spent on the character screen. I've decided to stick with Serafen for now (with the Balance Polishing mod's component that prevents head explosions), but I haven't planned in advance and have additional questions: 1. Does the Raw damage from Blood Rage generate focus? I use the Community Patch, if that matters. 2.How useful is Bloody Slaughter? In theory, it should cause overkills that should generate more focus. In practice, I use Serafen to unload double Blunderbusses in the face of enemy mages, resulting in quick death. He's so efficient, he doesn't even trigger Bloody Slaughter. I also remember it being Bloody Useless in PoE 1, so maybe I'm better off skipping on it entirely. 3. Are there many enemies that are immune to charm? So far Whispers of treason is the GOAT, but do I need Puppet Master for some hypothetical charm-immune enemies? 4. What Witch synergies are there? So far I mostly use Barbarian damage passives, Rage and Sprint (so I can get to those mages faster) and dump the rest in cipher abilities. It still seems that cipher/rogue is better.
  15. I’ve made it to Deadfire, at last! I’m planning my Deadfire run, but would appreciate some help planning ahead (Normal Difficulty). Now, first of all, I plan on using pre-generated companions because they’re fun (even if they’re stats vary from sub-optimal to mediocre). My main character in PoE is a wizard and I’ll probably keep her that way (I think that multy-classing is not the best option for “pure” casters like priest, wizard and druid due to how I perceive the Power Levels to work). I’m also planning on bringing along a pure Priest on heavy buffing duty (I’ll leave the healing to a Chanter) which leaves three spaces to fill in. I loved the paladin and the chanter in PoE 1, so I guess I’ll bring Pallegina as a Herald with healing focus (Lay on Hands, Ancient Memory, Exalted Endurance, Mercy and Kindness, Practiced Healer). She will also get the three phrases that remove Afflictions. The issue is that I don’t see how I can build the Herald towards healing and take all the cool offensive chants/phrases as well. So I guess I’ll need another Chanter in that capacity. So I went through the list of characters looking for another suitable Chanter Multiclass. Tekehu (or what’s his face), Vatnir and Fassina do not qualify (see the note above about multiclassing “pure” casters, plus I want Vatnir as my priest), so this leaves me with Konstanten. His Howler class looks great for my style of play – he and Pallegina will tank, sharing offensive and defensive phrases, while the priest and mage cast from the back line. “Old Siec” on Konstanten boosted by “Mercy and Kindness” on the Herald looks sick on paper. But then I realised Konstanten’s Intelligence might be too low for the job. I mean how small will his AoE be? Finally, I have one character space left. I really like ciphers, but I have no tank in the current setup. So I’m torn between Serafen, Ydwin, Eder, Mirke and Rekke. Serafen has a terrible subclass, but maybe I can fix that with mods? Mirke and Rekke (as Brawlers) seem cool enough for tanks, though. So my questions: I Is the Herald and Howler combo something that will work out? How badly do I need a fighter tank? Can I do without one and how do I get extra engagement slots on Herald/Howler in that case? Poleaxe and Thick Skinned? Barbarian Shout? Shield and Spear? How early can I get Konstanten and Vatnir to join? Do I need to finish Vatnir’s DLC in order to keep him? I Is there a mod that changes Serafen’s subclass to something functional? The Balance Polishing Mod (I only like small parts of it, based on description) has an edit to Wild Mind that disallows head explosions and there’s a mod that turns him to a Soulblade/Barbarian (Alternate Class Features), but is there something simpler to use that makes him Cipher (no subclass) for example? Otherwise I ould go for the fampyr woman. Interrupts. How do they work? If I were to stack “Thick Grew their Tongues”, Barbaric Roar and Interrupting Blows on Konstanen, would I be able to stun-lock enemies reliably? What’s the best way to increase Pallegina’s and Konstanten’s chant AoE? They are, sadly, not the brightest tools in the shed… Is there a mod that tweaks any of the barbarian subclasses to make sense? They all seem underwhelming on paper. Carnage. It seems quite downgraded in comparison to what it was in PoE 1. Is it worth wasting ability points on Accurate Carnage then (Konstanten)? Does it amplify weapon enchants (i.e. if the weapon has a chance to stun on hit, doest it provide a chance to stun all in the AoE)? Is there a reliable source of Constitution Inspiration that doesn't come from a Druid? I don't plan on taking one and it seems I'll miss out on AoE Constitution boosts.
  16. I found an answer! For those curious: soulbound items indroduced by the Deadfire pack do not belong in the "Universal" WF Class, but are treated as regular weapons: Mataru is in WF: Ruffian and Molina is in WF: Soldier. Molina is bugged anyway, because its 4th and 5th tier upgrades make her shoot slower rather than faster. For the Attack Rate issue there is a fix on the Nexus. Thanks to _Oolon_ on Reddit for helping me out.
  17. Hello everybody, I am sorry if that has been asked (I performed an extensive search), but I'll ask anyway. I know that Soulbound Weapons are expected to benefit from any Wapon Focus talent I might have. So, I bought the War Club of the Mataru for Eder; he's specced into WF: Knight and has the appropriate WS and WM. I was planning to provide some much-needed one-handed crush-damage option for all those slash/piercve resistant enemies, but when I hover over the damage and accuracy boxes, no bonus from talents appear. I then experimented with GM. She has Weapon Focus: Ruffian and when i give her the One-Eyed Molina I don't see the +6 WF bonus. All soulbound weapons receive bonus from their appropriate weapon focus group, though (i.e. GM gets a WF bonus when using War Club of the Mataru, Eder gets WF, WS and WM bonus for using Steadfast and so on). Since I'm on my first run, I'm not sure whether: this is "the normal" way the game handles soulbound items (i.e. the boni are there, but the UI does not display them). I tried to test it out, but the combat tooltip is too vague. soulbound items belong to their respective WF groups as of the latest patch (even though I found no indication this was ever changed). I f***ed things up by using mods. I only have the IE Mod, the Community Bugfix by Max Quest, the Tooltip Flicker Fix and a fix for One-Eyed Molina's Fancy-Named Crossbow. None of them seems to touch soulbound items.
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