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  1. I'm thinking Lufia2. The mega dungeon is 99 levels down. In order to not upset the game balance, you're stripped of your levels and items and enter the dungeon at level 1. Story isn't very important, IMO it's best such a dungeon offered different things than the rest of the game. Mainly combat and maybe some good puzzles. A diversion. Each level is randomly created with random loot. Each level has an exit you can use to go back to your usual adventuring. The end boss is insanely difficult and if you win you get a very good item which you can use in the outside world, and you gain additional insight about the game's plot. All experience and items you got in the dungeon are stripped form you and you get back your old ones. You can only keep the end-boss item. Wouldn't mind a stretch goal.
  2. Wait a minute. Full clothing control means customizable and removable underwear. What's the point of being able to dress up with your new clothes if you keep on wearing those old, sweaty and plain underwear all the time ? Yeah, maybe that new mithril chain mail and those black silk boots look good, but your elf warrior-sorcerer/ess will never feel comfortable with those old, crappy undies. Sexy underwear should have a charisma bonus, while good, sturdy brassieres/jockstraps should give a dexterity bonus. And what about swimsuits ? Let's say you're down at Pearl Coast one hot summer day. Wouldn't you want to take a break from adventuring and enjoy the sea ? What if you're suddenly ambushed by Sahuagins ? An adventurer with plate mail will sure have it tough in the water... while you, with your suimsuit, will fend them off with ease and style !
  3. Interesting poll. Descriptive text and dialog choices you see only if you have the skill, all the way.
  4. If there are romances I'd like them like they were in PST. A bit of flirting (Annah) and/or a bit of intellectual/spiritual connection (Grace) maybe something more if it's relevant to the main story, but certainly not the cringe-worthy, in-your-face, hot coffee stuff Dragon Age had, for example.
  5. At first I voted SPECIAL, because after the Underrail demo I'm replaying fallout and I'm having a blast. But then I remembered that I also had a lot of fun with the AD&D implementation in BG and IWD and since it's going to be a party-based RPG, classes are better IMO. Class combinations make things more interesting, since each class has its specialties and its limitations. Classless character creation is great but mainly with single player games like Fallout and Arcanum. Yes, you could have followers, but it wasn't a real party. So, AD&D, or something similar. And heaven forbid, not something like the newer D&D versions, since IMO they translate badly into video games. I believe an AD&D-like system with even more flexibility (let's not forget its limitations weren't so good for Torment) would be the best option. I hope there will be enough available party members to make varied party combinations.
  6. Hey there. I've been registered for some time, but this is my first post. I decided to break my silence for this extremely important issue. It all started here Then, it spread like a virus. :salute:
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