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  1. If you can catch up to the character, it should. As soon as the pursuer stops moving, they will engage the enemy (meaning the enemy stops). The enemy can move away, but that immediately provokes a Disengagement Attack. Does that only apply to a player character pursuing an enemy NPC? Or will it apply vice versa - that if an enemy pursues one of my player characters and succeeds in Engagement, will my character immediately stop movement, or will my character continue to move and suffer a Disengagement Attack? I would prefer that if an enemy Engages me while I'm fleeing, then beginnin
  2. 1) Stat-based RPG- the abstract RPG stats layer affecting not only combat, but also character interaction and environmental interaction. Basically, a somewhat complex system of skills (dialogue and non-dialogue/environmental), with lots of opportunities for "skill checks" and skill development. Some healthy C&C to go along with that. 2) A good squad tactics-based RPG. Preferably turn-based or we-go, as real time hasn't historically led to good squad based tactics (I'd say BG is more strategy-based than tactics-based; the only real tactical interplay came up during mage fights which
  3. So how's that camera patch comin'? I've got $50 that I will literally put down the moment I can zoom out to a non-visceral range.
  4. Uh... 1) Keymapping 2) Camera (zoom, before skyboxes are mentioned) Unfortunately I play with controller so (1) doesn't help me. Well, I played... Currently waiting for a hopeful camera patch before I play more.
  5. I think it would help a lot, not just a little bit. Just move it back a la Diablo, TQ, Sacred, etc. I understand Obsidian's objective was to titillate the sheeple by making the camera closer to show off their characters, but there's no need for TWO close camera settings. Or of course just let the player control the zoom.
  6. Honestly the camera is bad enough single player. I understand that the skyboxes are rendered so we can't make the camera more horizontal... But what about simply zooming out? DSIII seriously made me go re-install Titan Quest, and the camera is perfect there. Let me zoom out more.
  7. Now that TSLRCM 1.5 is out I'm gonna do another replay. I believe I've played Kotor2 twice and Kotor1 twice so I'm a bit tired of lightsabers. I'm thinking of going gunslinger, so are either of the two gun types massively underwhelming? Or on the flip side, anyone know if the "hardcore" mods are compatible with TSLRCM (then I would play another /sigh lightsaber Jedi)? Super Enhanced sounds interesting, with "realistic" lightsaber and blaster damage. Or Achilles seems to be a balanced romp as well.
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