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  1. I would love to have a Gnat carpet or mite, also a decoration like a small windmill, more light for your base like a street light.. And im still waiting for them to give this game a weather system
  2. After the update, the game crash when near the base.. I started a new game then build my mini house Near the machine, but when i get back from getting clay and rocks, the game crash befor i even approach my house, sometimes when im on it too.. Its annoying, its says in the update that there is a crash fix but now the game keep crashing without any warning, it just exits to desktop, what did you guys do after the update??? , whats worst is that it didnt autosave what i did so i have to collect those 134 clay again!! please patch it and fix it right in 12.3 asap please!!
  3. @Johnny Wirick look at these im lazy taking a screen shot so i use my phone.. What in the bloody hell is this kind of spider
  4. You can unlock it by purchasing to burgle... I dont know exactly what burgle chip you need to get for that.. But i unlocked it by buying it from the robot.. thats the changes..
  5. for some reason i dont want to update my 11.3 version to 11.4 like, i hate that they change the cycle of the grass plank to 1 Day! Kinda short time for me, atleast make that a 2 days before it despawn, like when you are starting your base, you have to clean up the grass for your peblet foundations, you really have to craft grass pallet for that? You cant store that much planks there!.. For me personally i like to store those plank to a random place/ground so that if im going to build a house, im not gonna cut more grass again and go far from my base... second is, the ant spawning still accure making your game laggy and the grass keeps growing through your base still..specially the ant respawns, i swear obsidian Social media manager saw it in their youtube gameplay, "there's too many ants here".. they are playing 11.3. You guys can re-watch that video when they visit rhe anthill in this version.. focus on fixing that instead.. And also you didnt mention that spiders in 11.3 can Fly now WTF.. their feet is like above their body, specially inside the lab.. So funny but wied for a spider to do that.. I feel like you guys dont listen to your players anymore unlike the first 3 months of this game, you were active.. I sent you video proof and suggestions, and the next update you guys did it, unlike today.. Ive read lots of sugesstions and problem by others but, you never include them in your update, even if its minor of major bugs.
  6. You really named them too huh.. Well my spider, i named him Castro.. My pet aphid named Greenie, and those bastards mosquitos, i call them Lary BTW me too experience this door bug sometimes..
  7. I fixed temporarily by making new game after 11.2
  8. Ok this is my first time posting here, im not that good in english, but ill try my best.. First of all im kinda bit disappointed about the latest update, 11.2 and 11.3, but atleast they fix the thistle needles and the sounds.. I've already send them video proving this through email since 11.1 but no response i doubt they even care reviewing it. My no.1 problem here is they need to fix the Grass regrowing to your base after cutting all of it, also some sprigs grow back too underneath foundations clay/peblets. Sometimes when you hit them it just disappears.. Sometimes when placing a roof, like when i place a blueprint to the right and press E to rotate it for the left, it change to another type of roof... From "ROOF SQUARED CORNER" To "ROOF CORNER" when pressing E/Q or rotate... Maybe some of you notice that when you build your base near dandelion or husky weed, they wont regrow back after like ingame week.. Same also with grass sometimes.. Another one is when you build something like the foundation/walls/etc, those who can be repaired? After you build them it shows that its already damage, just one hit it breaks.. specially when reloading the saved files Speaking of... Repair tool, even if the broken building is already fixed, when you press the left mouse, it goes back to 100% damages.. Like going into loop repairing it.. This next one is the problem since V 10.0, why cant you give us a fair billy hog nugget, and apple? That Huge ass billy hog and we only get 2pcs of it? Come on!! This one also anoying too...how come the ants and spiders now able to open the damn door? , if the cant open it, it just get distroyed even they are just walkin to it.. Last one is the SCA.B, its normal that when it detects some raw science or a field stations, it pops up right? But now after the update, it stays that way even i walked away from the detected raw science or field station.. It took a while before they go back down.. I dont care about the sound glitch or sound bugs, insects get stuck or anythng but please atleast prioritized these because it ruins the fun, most fun about this game for Me is building your base, farming and expressing your idea how you work hard to make your base beautiful or how creative you are, but these things tht i mention ruined it... There people posting about it either why cant you guys fixed it too? rather than fixing first those not mentioned by many.. I hope to see these fixed soon, thank you for this amazing game of yours.. I'll surely post here again if i found more
  9. Maybe this will someday, just remember its a new area, and there is more things they can add up to it and patch to it
  10. I only agree with the: Grass regrowing to the base Ants over populated And spawn in some walls.. Thats all i encounter after new game and 30 ingame days
  11. It does need an ASAP update.. We all have this problem and its anoying i hope SOON they update this and the over populated ants.... It happens after 11.1 patch
  12. Same for me, the come back to the base, i already send a video to the obsidian email.. I hope they fix it asap
  13. I have the same issue, too.many eggs popping and hatching Also have you encounter something like the grass grow under your base to this update? Cuz mine does.. Even in new game
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