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  1. Sounds like a bug. Not one i've seen. Have you tried swapping weapons? Will said crewmate fight with a melee weapon?
  2. There's a perk that covers this. First tier. Also as long as your engineering skill is up to snuff you can repair on the fly. I don't see the difficulty. Least wise its a non issue for me.
  3. Machine guns. Give your crew machine guns. High rate of fire. Never run out of ammo. Keeps them safely away from the grinder. Just set them to ranged combat only if you still have trouble. Make sure their armors are up to snuff tho because at melee distance they won't be able to defend properly. In most cases though it's not a concern as 2x2 choppers means the baddies are snausage before they can close the distance.
  4. The workbench is your best friend. Mods and tinkering will greatly improve your odds of survival. Tinkering costs a ton of bits so bring your wallet but by running your weapon damage and armor rating up for yourself as well as your crew you should be able to take on those purple slugs and anything else with ease. I've soloed the game multiple times without crew on hard difficulty and iirc, i only died once. Usually that just means I wasn't paying attention. Max out the tinkering if possible. Use n-ray mags and n-ray protection. Stealth is helpful also. Play style is less important than preparation. Have fun.
  5. I think everyone is too busy worrying about The Outer Worlds 2 to be of any help. I'd be a happy camper if I could get a mod or make one that A. Raises the level cap to 50 or 60....ish. and B. Allows play after Tataraus. Anybody? PLEASE!!! HAAALLLLLLP
  6. Is there a way to tweak the engine ini file or something to raise the level cap? 36 is just too low. My 4th playthrough and once again I'm at 36 halfway through Helen's murder investigation and haven't set foot on Gorgon or Tartaraus yet.
  7. There are mods on the Nexus for this game but they're limited. I'm unsure about the support issue though. I recall seeing a utility program for it among the Nexus files but I don't remember what it was. https://www.nexusmods.com/theouterworlds
  8. No answer is possible without spoilers. Let's just say bringing them together is the best option. It's up to you to figure how
  9. I encountered this bug also while on Monarch. It was near the sulfur pits. A save and reload solved the problem. Just had to give it a few seconds to stop after the save reload
  10. Yes. I also agree 100% that the level cap needs a SIGNIFICANT increase. I hit 36 before finishing Eridanos and haven't even been to Gorgan yet. Third run through and this has happened every time. Please raise the cap asap. If I have nothing to strive for than I lose interest and I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! More DLC TOO PLEASE!!!!!!
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