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  1. I guess I’ll probably play the game at least a second time and try helping the other person, but I cannot decide which should I help?
  2. I'd like to see another battlefront game as well as another kotor game. TOR pretty much was kotor 3
  3. reload to an earlier save? hopefully you aren't stuck playing for queen talia if you have the restoration patch installed.
  4. I am trying to side with general vaklu and am killing captains for anda. I killed the one guarding the sky ramp but the others aren't showing up. I would have to go back to a really old save and basically repeat the entire planet, is there any work around? I have no problem using mods(i am using the telos restoration mod already). I have already rescued mandalores friend(dagon the doctor) so captain riiken isn't around anymore. and there is supposed to be another one guarding the starport but he isn't there. I can go to the doctor and he sets up a meeting with the jedi, but then vaklu's soldiers attack and I am forever stuck with the queen talia route and I am trying to be as evil in this game as possible.
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