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  1. Not necessary. It's not likely to be a dating game.
  2. Are we there yet? ,Are we there yet? ,Are we there yet? ,Are we there yet? ,Are we there yet? , Is there a consensus yet on a possible release date? I am very literally dying to play the next Outer Worlds.
  3. It means the item is in "Pristine" Condition. It's worth more bits than an ordinary piece of hte same type.
  4. Something troubling has come to light with this game. Very troubling. So I'm rolling through my 400+ish playthrough when it dawns on me.....in all my time in this game I've never seen a single thing on top of a fridge. Not one. Now I ask you. Who doesn't use the fridge top as a catch all? No one I know. I'm thinking maybe the devs are aliens. Hear me out. I'm not asking you to believe me but....
  5. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Oh yes I am
  6. Is it weird that I keep playing over and over again just to get to Byzantium to see Celeste? lol Any way an aside to my original post....It would also be nice if in the next game we see a bit better character creation options? Better hair and body types etc would be great. I have to say I absolutely love this game. It's become one of my all time greats next to Fallout, Skyrim and No mans sky. You all did a wonderful job and I hope I live long enough to play the next one.
  7. Hi. Just a quick two cents from someone who has lived in this game for about a year of on again off again (mostly on) 12-16 hours a day trying different ways of playing through. Yes, Im quite single and quarantine has driven me quite mad. But I digress. After about 300 ish playthroughs I can safely say that in the next game I would like the following: 1. A mute button for the ship's AI. The Woman has a lovely voice...but she nags worse than either of my ex-wives and I can't even get her pants off. 2. Same thing for the Discrepancy idiot thing. Do you make these things annoying on purpose or? Asking for a friend. 3. NO LEVEL CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like to keep playing in the areas that respawn. 4. More areas that respawn. Enemies kids. I need stuff to blow up. Thanks 4 NO LEVEL CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. So I can't find where this has been covered but if it has mods can delete later. Bug is this. Running through a random area instead of walking can cause the npc's to slow spawn or not spawn at all. I've noticed this on about 30 play throughs so it's confirmed random locations and times. Trust that its not my system which is 10th gen I7 with 32g ram and 12g vram. Not the machine lagging. Has to be a game engine glitch. Love the game. Needs a patch still especially the level cap. Needs to come off entirely. Have a nice day. Buh Bye.
  9. If the dialogue to begin isn't showing up for you and your save isn't endgame pnr, then try another save or try starting a new game. Your save may be corrupted. If you installed the dlc corrcetly I can't think of another reason.
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't appear anyone else cares that we're upset about this as they're all too focused on the next installment . I wonder if they'd notice if we all decided not to buy the next one until the first is patched? I'm still playing this. I've beaten this game multiple times on every difficulty setting except supernova because I love the game. I just wish developers would finish what they start for once. It seems they all are releasing games long before they're ready because they've found we're all too eager to beta test for them for free. We need to stand and say it's enough. No more freebies. GIVE US A PATCH!!!!
  11. No it's not the game. My machnes both run it with no issues on max settings. One is a 3rd gen I5 and the other is 10th gen I7. No issues. Try updating your driver? If that doesn't work my next step would be a clean install on your gpu. Make sure all old drivers are wiped clean.
  12. Sounds like a bug. Not one i've seen. Have you tried swapping weapons? Will said crewmate fight with a melee weapon?
  13. There's a perk that covers this. First tier. Also as long as your engineering skill is up to snuff you can repair on the fly. I don't see the difficulty. Least wise its a non issue for me.
  14. Machine guns. Give your crew machine guns. High rate of fire. Never run out of ammo. Keeps them safely away from the grinder. Just set them to ranged combat only if you still have trouble. Make sure their armors are up to snuff tho because at melee distance they won't be able to defend properly. In most cases though it's not a concern as 2x2 choppers means the baddies are snausage before they can close the distance.
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