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  1. I have three packs installed. Classic, Caravan and Mercenary Packs. Was there any other packs you could get?
  2. I would say that DRM (online activation, limited installs) doesn't reduce piracy at all and actually increases piracy. I know quite a few people who would buy all their games but now pirate because of the new DRM measures. They were okay with serial and disk checks but the online activation and limited installs is what pushed them into pirating. They still buy games that have a simple serial or disk check - anything more than that and they pirate. And we're not talking about teenagers or people that don't have money. I'm talking about professionals with good paying jobs that have had enough of the DRM.
  3. zerexaki

    Apple iPad

    Actually, Did you ever wish your iPhone was bigger and didn't make phone calls? Then this is for you! maybe I'll need enormous trousers with enormous pockets for this enormous iPhone that can't make phone calls. If he called it iDiot, most of the fans will still buy it.
  4. zerexaki

    Apple iPad

    I think this article from the Sydney Morning Herald highlights the flaws with this lame duck. - One of the selling points of the device, iBooks, which allows users to access an array of e-books and digital textbooks, is not listed as a feature on the iPad page on Apple Australia's website. This indicates it will not be available to Australian users when the device is launched here in March. Check your country if you can get this feature. - "Given what happened with the iTunes music store launch, it could be months or even years before it [iBooks] comes out on the iPad in Australia." - In a similar vein to the launch of the iPhone, Apple has left features out of the iPad in order to force customers to hand over more money for accessories and, eventually, the next generation of the device. - The iPad lacks a built-in camera, USB ports and memory card reader, but all three features can be added by buying separate adapters. A separate keyboard dock is required to connect the iPad to a keyboard. - "And what about Skype, undoubtedly one of the favorites when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family in far away places? Video chatting is out of the question." - The iPad is based on the same operating system as the iPhone, and they share the limitation of being unable to run multiple applications at the same time or to display web pages created using Adobe's Flash. - Also like the iPhone, the iPad can only run apps sanctioned by Apple and provided through its App Store. - Only videos contained in the user's iTunes library or converted to Apple's video formats will play, and files cannot be dragged and dropped on to the device, as is the case with most other computers. - It also lacks an HDMI output for connection to a TV set. Only 720p video playback is supported, rather than the 1080p resolution of true high-definition files. - "The tablet's resolution tops out at 1024 x 768, which falls into the 4:3 standard definition range and not the glorious, widescreen 16:9 high definition aspect ratio we've come to know and love," - There is no full GPS support either but the more expensive 3G models, set to be released a month after the standard models, support "assisted GPS", which pinpoint your location using nearby mobile towers.
  5. To the guy that I'm responding to. Re-read my post until your reading comprehension can grasp what I'm saying. Okay, Goodbye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  6. There was one loosely based on Dante's Inferno called Sinergy by Caliber Press. It was a pretty good adaption. It was originally a 5 issue mini-series and then released as a graphic novel published in the early 90's. Here's another preview link to the Graphic Novel.
  7. The Fact is that Fallout 3 is a sequel. It has the story elements and continuation of some of those story elements and a modified version of the Special system of the previous two games, as well as the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world following The Great War between the US and China. To say that it's nothing like Fallout is moronic. It doesn't matter whether it's movies or video games, you can't erase sequels or try to produce another sequel and say previous sequels don't exist. For example, Bryan Singer tried to erase the third and fourth Superman sequels as well as the Richard Lester Superman II sequel with his Superman Returns movie. Bryan Singer suggested he only recognises the Superman movies as Superman, Superman II Richard Donner Cut and Superman Returns. Those three movies work great as a story but the other sequels do exist even if he refuses to acknowledge them.
  8. It's obvious that it won't be released in the next two months. It takes time (at least 2-3 weeks) from when a games goes Gold to being available to sell in the shops. So you can expect a delay of about a month from the final product to being in stores and I believe it's nowhere near finished. Give or take another month or two to finish the game + another month from Gold to being in stores, I would guess a release date AFTER April. More like June onwards.
  9. I'm also a person that doesn't do the dual boot thing. I'd rather have two computers with different Operating Systems then dual boot both on one computer. For me it seems easier.
  10. Depends on the game. Diablo fully patched works on Vista no graphic problems and no Battlenet problems. But has huge graphics problems with Win7 and works with Battlenet. Diablo unpatched works great in terms of graphics but won't work in Multiplayer/Battlenet modes. So if you have an early version of Diablo (when it was released) you have two options for you with Win7. Either Graphics or Battlenet. If you have a recent version (that's been patched) then you don't have an option at all. Graphics is a huge problem. I haven't tried out that many old games so far on Win7. I do have quite a big list (over 100 games) in excell of old games that work/don't work on Vista - but it seems Win 7 is another beast when it comes to old games. Although, I have a Win98, WinMe, Win2000 and XP computers to play my old games on.
  11. No, every game requires a classification otherwise you can't sell it. If a shop imports banned material and sells it, they are breaking quite a few laws.
  12. If you try to buy games (software) from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk, the website says it won't ship to the zone you're in. I believe it's the same with Steam. There was an news article here in Australia showing how you can still use Steam and bypass the zone restriction by having a friend in another country get it for you. You have to get a bit creative. ebay retailers is anotehr way which is what I use. The risk is that if the package gets stopped by Customs and they realise it's a banned game, they will seize it and issue you a letter for importing banned material.
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