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  1. https://anchor.fm/worldofeora/episodes/Ep--34-Watchers-e1k4gsf
  2. "The World of Eora" is a news/lore podcast about Pillars of Eternity (I/II) and Avowed. The most recent episode out is on "Ondra's Mortar". Placing it here, for any interested. https://anchor.fm/worldofeora/episodes/Ep--28-Ondras-Mortar-Pillars-II-Spoilers-Contained-Within-e1em68k
  3. If you're wanting to dive into the lore for the world Avowed and Pillars of Eternity is played in, check out Ep. #24 of The World of Eora, focusing on RYMRGAND, God of Entropy. Warning, spoilers contained within HOWEVER I do give a heads up when they are about to occur. https://anchor.fm/worldofeora/episodes/Ep--24-Rymrgand--god-of-Entropy-e1c6dmr
  4. Posting here for those interested. Hoping it is helpful for those unfamiliar with Eora that are excited for Avowed, but also for Pillars nerds to geek over. Thanks. Feedback always appreciated https://anchor.fm/worldofeora/episodes/Ep--21-the-Godlike-Avowed--Pillars-of-Eternity-Character-Creation-Lore-e1aeek8
  5. https://anchor.fm/worldofeora/episodes/Ep--19-The-Free-Palatinate-of-Dyrwood-e18smhs For those interested!
  6. Another lore episode from the podcast 'The World of Eora'. This one finishes up the historical series on The Dyrwood, which is the setting for the first Pillars of Eternity game (and *maybe* Avowed, who knows...). Hope y'all enjoy https://anchor.fm/worldofeora/episodes/Ep--18-history-of-the-Dyrwood--Pt--V--Pt--VI-Conclusion-----Avowed--Pillars-of-Eternity-Lore-e187d89
  7. Hey all, hope you enjoy this! Been working on a lore Podcast for Avowed / Pillars of Eternity in preparation for the games release in the future. If you're interest, check it out: https://anchor.fm/worldofeora/episodes/Ep--17-Animancy-----Avowed--Pillars-of-Eternity-Lore-e177lga
  8. Hey all. For those interested, I've been doing a lore Podcast about Eora. (1) to nerd out over a world we love and (2) to assist people excited about Avowed in knowing the world. I've been gone for a few months, and so the show was shut down for a bit, but I have returned! And with it, I have three episodes looking at the Dyrwood's history, and one mini episode about Biawacs if this is you're thing, check it out here: https://anchor.fm/worldofeora
  9. I believe there is a command "FindCharacter", or some option like that, which allows you to search the game's data for the string ID you need. Try "FindCharacter Azzuro", see if that helps. If not, there are a couple other 'Find' functions that could help.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised, since UE5 will have been around a lot by the time Avowed releases. Apparently it also transfers projects from UE4 very well, so I don't see why not. Which we would great! As well, aside, we know based on the trailer that the goddess Woedica is likely to be involved in the story (she's brought up a lot in the reveal trailer)
  11. I *doubt* Avowed will feature a co-op multiplayer. Just because it doesn't really seem like Obsidian MO. Granted, they have Grounded, but that's designed to be that kind of game. Their other RPGs that are more like Avowed's scope, are usually single player narrative experiences. Which, I think, is a major reason they stick to singleplayer: narrative. A consistent experience can be delivered when everyone is playing the same game, adding multiplayer adds a level of disjoint from the world and *can* cause the narrative to hit less. That said, Obsidian might take a crack at it, who knows. With the success of Grounded, or even just the desire to grow/experiment as developers, might bring them to try and involve it. Though, I'll still maintain my guess is that it won't be co-op.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have a *definitive* answer for you, but I have some insight. If the "progressive" outcome you're seeking is a potential ending but the numbers you crunch say that you *can't* get Truth<5 and both Confident/Idealist >6, then it seems to me that only one of confident or idealist need to be at 6, or they must combine to 6 (I don't know which of the two it would require). Since, otherwise, that outcome would normally be impossible to acquire (yet we know it is possible to have that outcome). Sorry I can't tell you what to do exactly, but hopefully this can bring you to a resolution and you can continue the quest to its conclusion happily
  13. Here's a truncated version of what we *know*: (1) Avowed is being developed by Obsidian (duh), the developers of Outer Worlds, Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, etc. (2) Avowed is set in Eora, the same fantasy setting for the Obsidian games: Pillars of Eternity, and Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. (3) Avowed is a fantasy RPG, likely first person. That's all we *know*. There some things we could deduce, and there are some things which are rumoured/leaked (but unverified). There's speculation that Avowed won't release until 2023, but that's just conjecture currently.
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