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  1. Thank you for this guide! I’m on the latest version on Xbox, didn’t follow the guide to the letter (1st time playing, much information). I don’t know if that what usually happens when you play the game (in any other class), but I’ve met 3 wizards in a row and a fighter (to tank), so my party is just blasting everything on Normal difficulty. I can’t imagine how boring the combat would get, if I would’ve followed the guide to the full, unless the difficulty is increased, because my party is OP. Offensive capabilities are no problem at all, but whenever fighting other magic-capable humans
  2. I’m 2/3 done with the DLC (probably) on One X and it started crashing after I travelled (on my own) to the Wildlife Reservoir area with the elevator. Specifically, Fast-travelling to the Penthouse to confront a certain character, triggered the crash (“The man who chafed” quest). Walking from the hotel all the way to the Pilothouse and entering the building triggered the crash on the loading screen. This crash, the way it sounds and happens, is very much like Dishonored 2 and Death of The Outsider games, both crash right before reaching the main menu (the point when games fetch save data
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