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  1. Nope. Besides Terrify, I don't think there are consistent ways to compel the enemy to disengage (sometimes they do out of sheer stupidity just like party companion AI). If you want to take advantage of the Disengagement mechanic, it's better to do it in reverse (courtesy of @Boeroer): Use an item like Nomad Brigandine that has immunity to Disengagement attack Equip WotEP with Offensive Parry Get engaged by many enemies and then make small moves to disengage Enemy disengagement attacks will auto-miss, which will proc the Offensive Parry riposte from WotEP This effect can stack with the Rogue's Riposte talent and crits will benefit from the Monk's Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming What I'm not sure about is whether the Riposte can still benefit from Persistent Distraction, knowing that the riposte happens when you've just disengaged... (so enemies maybe aren't Distracted anymore) EDIT: it doesn't work, see post below.
  2. Yeah, self contained resource regen with Druid is very hard to achieve. After Ashen Maw, you could also make sure that your Wit of Death Herald gets upgraded to Brilliant (through God dialogues). That gives you a fairly long use once per day without cheesing duration. You could also have of course a Cipher and a Priest in your party for the combo Ancestor's Memory + Salvation of Time. Last thought: if you solo, a Rogue /Druid can get some kind of resource regen by resetting the fight . But that doesn't work 100% of encounters.
  3. Nice pic but I think the best use of this weapon is with a Devoted/Berserker as @Kaylon wrote. I can dig up his short build layout if you're interested. Incidently, a properly built Devoted/Berserker can also kick b*tts with Monastic Unarmed Training... and still be Devoted to Pollaxes.
  4. In order, IMHO: Forbidden Fist/Steel Garrote - look at @Powerotti and @dgray62 and other's posts. Outstanding, top-tier synergy. Nalpazca or FF/Devoted or Unbroken: Forbidden Fist/Unbroken is the most tanky because you will want to max out RES and with Tuotilo's Palm = . Helwalker/Blood Mage: the "Diva Tank" who takes their sweet time to come to fruition and requires a lot of love and attention. But it's a winner. OK it's also not exactly a Tank, at high enough level it's more a "Hold my beer" type of OP combo. Of course, pure Monk any subclass can carry an entire team at high level, but that's not about being a Tank. EDIT: and also of course, all the good stuff @Boeroer just wrote .
  5. I really don't know about that, speaking for myself as much as I've dealt with the big FS encounters left and right, doing this DLC on a ToI run would stress the living crap out of me. I was thinking about how I would approach a Win-or-Die party run with a Crusader and I thought that an all-Pally crew could actually be interesting. Has anyone ever done it? I was thinking: Goldpact/Unbroken Goldpact/Troubadour Goldpact/Ascendant or Soulblade Goldpact/Priest of Berath Goldpact/Blood Mage On paper, this group could be both devastating and almost unkillable with the right abilities. It would require a ton of micro in big fights. But it would have multiple nasty tricks up its sleeve depending on the enemy roster and battlefield layout, while also having several layers of "oh sh*t!" panic buttons if anything goes sideways. Damn... should I make my current Arcane Knight solo run a party run..?
  6. This final boss fight is super brutal. I remember on a solo Assassin/Cipher run it took me ages to figure it out, and it ultimately involved a ton of scroll spamming. Including Withdraw scrolls interestingly enough. Gouging Strike + Toxic Strike + Disintegration + self-Withdraw is a very interesting way to ruin someone's day, I'm glad no enemies is using that against us . Anyway, sorry your playthrough ended there.
  7. One dumb party comp that works well on AI autopilot in PoE1 is 6 tanky Chanters with Dragon Thrashed... until half of them get Dominated by Vithrak... then the entire party can be very dead before you had a chance to yell "oh sh*t" . It's like Benny Hill x Battle Royale. I almost lost a ToI run like that!
  8. This is why Eviee is such a godsend. The true emotional support pet in all its splendor. A typical go-to race is Wood Elf because on top of their racial bonus, they have nice stat allocations for common min-maxing templates. But DEX resistance is actually not as great as other resistances IMHO because DEX has 4 tiers of Afflictions, plus the first 2 tiers are actually not that hindering (depending on the build) and several classes can easily spam DEX Inspirations to clear them. However, a lot of things can Petrify (Tier4) which will get demoted to Paralyze (Tier3) with the resistance, in which case you're still screwed . So in many cases, DEX Affliction resistance is only a true lifesaver if you're hit with a Tier3 Paralyze (e.g. a Cipher's Mental Binding). Other Resistances can have a much broader spectrum of usefulness, but it also depends on the class, build, gear, consumables...
  9. Yeah it's definitely not the most straight-forward mechanic . If you're looking for engagement slots without weapon/shield bonuses, look at Thick Skinned passive and Barbaric Shout active abilities from the Barbie. Between the two, you can get +4 engagement slots. Then, you need to plan your survival against 5+ melee enemies pounding at you .
  10. Same here, I pause like there is no tomorrow. Pausing is life. Which is one of the main reasons why I'm so impressed by you Ultimate-finishers... Magran's Challenge is more than my nerves can ever take.
  11. Hey - I think if you have any kind of healing going on (and you have and should ) dumping MIG over CON isn't optimal. Keep a decent CON and invest in MIG for extra healing (and DMG of course) that is a lot more helpful for overall survivability. Maybe if you're looking to increase engagement, a Shifter/Barb multi would be nice over Fighter? Surely he'll do much less self-healing on his own but if you set up healing with other toons, he could tank, damage and CC quite a bit.
  12. It sucks but glad it’s not the end. Your crusader should spend some time in an afghani cave then write a book about his traumatic experience, someone will give him a nice movie deal . In all seriousness though, FS is a tough place and I’ve had to use high arcana + greater maelstrom scrolls with several toons that were ill equipped for certain particular fights. Hard to discover/manage on a ToI run without a non ToI advance party to fine tune strategies. IMHO in some of those fights you could bring next time an SC Fury with a Cipher to give him Brilliant. And lure/spam the real deal Great Maelstrom. Not very inventive, but quite effective.
  13. Fair warning: So good that with WotW and Ajamuut’s Stalking Cloak and the occasional Efficient Anguish and Resonant Touch, it will do everything on its own while the rest of the party has a barbecue on the side of the encounter. Edèr: « who wants a merguez? » Aloth: « no thanks, one more merguez and I’ll sh*t fire like poor old Durance back in the days. » Main Character: « [punch punch punch] hey guys seriously keep some for me this time! [punch punch punch]. »
  14. I will never do the Ultimate and of course I very much respect that you (and others) did that. IMHO the game is not significantly harder overall Solo vs. party based if you truly optimize for Solo play. It narrows down options a little bit and maybe the very beginning and very end offer a bit more challenge. But beyond the achievement, I usually play mostly Solo in RPGs because I find it simpler. In many cases, I find that one really good toon will plough through encounters more efficiently than a suboptimal full party. Don’t you think? One exception I found is Tyranny. I didn’t find it particularly fun to Solo. Which BTW makes me think that I need to add an entry to the list of things @Boeroerdoesn’t like: Cooldown mechanics.
  15. What I read here is rather that you, Sir, were very good at keeping him alive . Sure, with constant party healing and babysitting to spend the wounds, and no Confusion… but are you telling me that especially in the beginning, he didn’t die more than his fair share of times compared to the rest of his crew?
  16. Yeah, I definitely understand. Well if you do some digging around the forum, I think that @thelee and others had a lot of fun with a Priest of Berath/Fighter but I don't know if it's as valuable for a Magranite (Magran's spiritual weapon are meh for a martial hybrid build) and I can't remember if this was tested/viable for solo play. On higher difficulties, there is still the problem of running out of resources before running out of enemies.
  17. Haha right or Helwalker/Berserker a.k.a "I'm my own worst enemy". One of few characters that will literally die from standing around.
  18. That is a sweet and sensible buff to the class, actually making it very much worthwhile on paper. Nice job @Elric Galad. Now you can also wear Effigy's Husk for a full Silence of the Lambs vibe.
  19. IMHO it can work on lower difficulties but the lack of renewable resources is going to be hard to work around. If you really want a caster Magranite, as usual Blood Mage MC Theurge will be at the top of the viability list, even if you're allergic to BDD + WoD.
  20. That's fair, but I thought since you have your White Flames dude, keeping everybody healed while the Trickster spams Walls of Many Colors. But this could get messy with your Pull of Eora idea + I understand that you don't want to babysit two Rogues.
  21. I feel you I don't know if an SC Chanter was planned in this party comp, but with The Long Night's Drink + Body Blows you can get serious FORT Debuff. Plus a Fighter will have Confident Aim and other ACC buffs to consistently land subsequent Clean Sweeps.
  22. I love using the Cap on a SC Assassin, but for party play losing access to RES Afflictions is a big no-no for me.
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