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  1. just noticing it now as well. hitting something with the repair tool doesnt seem to work for me. made another just to double check and it didnt work either
  2. no I get that fully. I know they have a lot to pop in still. I do see that they may just have more than enough biomes that it isn't even necessary. with more of the yard, the front porch, inside the house, there are loads that can be done here. I do see that. I just like a good ol' fashioned boss monster
  3. Maybe like a little chicken coop? use the grass planks or something to make it? Would be neat to get the dew or even the aphid. Though they tend to collect on blades of grass as they also do in the game, so maybe just a simple little fence around a blade of grass haha. I disagree with the mushroom bit though. I prefer the aphid jerky. the food gain trade for water feels fine. I have little issues obtaining water and aphids for sustenance.
  4. Would love some special quests like a Mantis popped up in the yard. go take care of it. Maybe not something that is always there. just a special quest target to get some fun loot for special gear? Mantas claw swords or something? Carapace that helps make you a little harder to see? then we dont need to have the yard bogged down with beasties. just 1-5 at a time kinda jam.
  5. Yea for me im not into any of that. This game feels more like a Co-op funtime more than something Like Rust. a fun playful world, and fun story. 40 people feels like there area already games out there built for that.
  6. Maybe you need to even combine the rebreather INTO the Koi helmet so you can breathe underwater? Also, i get having only the three pieces of gear for the most part. kind of a shame to lose armour on the feet for faster swimming v extra def. though it fits with the aphid shoes. Though it would be cool if you guys gave us one more slot for the actual feet maybe? Like maybe they dont provide armour values, but can be helpful? like Web Walking, water walking, swimming etc. Also, why can we no longer throw the koi bait in the water. seems a little tougher to try and use it on the k
  7. Don’t the ants have some in the colonies sometimes?
  8. I don’t know if my other post worked, but what about wars between colonies? Or bugs that scale walls? So maybe thorns on top to prevent them? And camouflaged shimmering mantises like the Predator? PREDATOR MANTIS
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